IPhone Universal Remote To Be Revealed At CES 2015

iPhone Universal Remote to be Revealed at CES 2015

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Pronto will be launched at January’s big event

The consumers are enabled to control all the TV entertainment devices with a single remote, as an iPhone universal remote, called Pronto, is going to be introduced at this year’s CES.

The confirmation of the launch of Pronto has been mentioned in a press release published by Max Borges Agency, stating that the device will be showcased at CES 2015.

Pronto is such a device that can renovate the Apple devices into smart controllers for all the TV entertainment centers. Moreover, different options can be customized with the help of the Peel app.

At present, the consumers have to use different remotes not only for enjoying different TV entertainment centers but also for home DVD/Blue players, theater speakers, and set-top box. It troubles a lot of people who do not have a good experience using the product.

However, the Pronto has been developed with a view to centralizing the regulation of all the entertainment devices. That means, the consumers will no longer require different remotes to control different devices. It will definitely be very effective for all the users.     

In order to use Pronto, the users are required to pair it with the Peel app, which leads to an association between the iDevices and Pronto. Now, the Pronto is capable of controlling all the entertainment devices using the IR blasters.

A unique feature that separates Peel from any other universal remote apps is the customization option, which provides the users with suggestions and reminders with respect to the their interest and viewing history.

Pronto has provided the users a great opportunity for not only enhancing the application of the new iDevices but also reviving the use of the previous models. Visit Pronto’s website to get more information.   



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