Is the iPad Mini the New iPad Touch?

Is the iPad Mini the New iPad Touch?



In the upcoming Apple’s iPad event the company is expected to release updated versions of both the iPad mini and iPad Air. The updates include faster processors, new colors and Touch ID.

A year back iPad mini was at the point of eclipsing the traditional 9.7 inch iPad, but now we can see that the market trends have changed. The market seems to be more inclined towards the 7 to 8 inch iPads. At the end of 2014, large-screened phones are taking off and at the same time tablets sales in general have slowed down. 

The iPod touch was originally released a few months after the release of the iPhone in fall 2007. It offered all the same media playback features and the web connectivity features of an iPhone; the only feature it did not offer was cellular connectivity. 

In its early years, it was considered to be the natural successor to the original iPod. When the prices of cellular networks in the USA were ridiculous, it was the best device for parents to buy their kids and enjoy the finer things in life. 

However, in 2010 Apple released a giant iPod called iPad and it was wanted by millions of people throughout the globe. Even though the product has been made obsolete by both the larger iPad and the iPhone, Apple still keeps it around just because having an iPod isn’t costing them any money.  

According to people there isn’t a big difference between the experience of using an iPad mini and iPhone 6 plus. Although the iPad mini has many landscape features and a bigger screen, yet the iPhone 6 plus is better as it has the ability to allow phone calls to be made. 

After the introduction of iPhone 6 plus the usage of iPads has declined. Also, because there isn’t much difference between the contract prices of iPhone 6 plus and iPad, people are inclined towards buying iPhone 6 plus.  But there still are people who would like a bigger tablet experience i.e. they prefer reading or writing on a ten inch screen than on the screen of an iPhone 6 plus. So, the game for these people hasn’t changed at all. 

Source: Mashable

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