Iggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her Wealth

The female rapper par excellence, Iggy Azalea, has dissed her ex-boyfriend Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her wealth. She will not be intimidated by his empty and vain threats.

Iggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her Wealth

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Iggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her Wealth

Iggy is not having any of it! She is a tough woman and knows how to handle creeps who want a portion of her hard-earned money. When her previous boyfriend Hefe Wine claimed that the two were supposedly married for a long time, and that he deserved half of her total emoluments, Iggy just exploded with anger and indignation. 


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Iggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her WealthIggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her WealthIggy Azalea disses Hefe Wine’s claim to half of her Wealth

Iggy Azalea will fight this man tooth and nail for her rights. Iggy is pretty confident that she will win the case if he brings the matter before the law. She laughed off the allegations with a smirk and said that he was barking up the wrong tree. 

She can read him like a book and knows what is going on in that sneaky mind of his. Thus Iggy has the upper hand and will not let this evil man get away with a single cent of her money. Hefe claims that since he was married to her, he is now going to divorce her and he wants a substantial cut from her paycheck.  

The only thing that is bothersome is that Iggy did actually live for quite some time with Hefe in Texas. And Texan law clearly states that if a man and woman live together for an extended period they have the same designation before the public eye as a man and his wife. 

This is where Hefe found his chance at extracting his Shylock’s pound of flesh. Iggy however still insists that she never thought of herself as Hefe’s wife. 

While Hefe had filed papers claiming his rights over 50% of Iggy’s musical royalties, Iggy is nobody’s fool. She is shrewd enough to deny him the satisfaction of seeing her suffer or worry about his actions. As far she is concerned he can go to hell. 

And she is sure that his wish for becoming part of the fame club will fail desperately. She is busy helping her current boyfriend Nick Young regain his health after a minor surgical procedure.

Iggy Azalea’s Life Story…

She began the journey of life as Amethyst Amelia Kelly. It was a long way off before she would be called Iggy Azalea by the rest of the world. Sydney was the city of her birth and later on her entire family shifted to Mullumbimby in New South Wales. All this took place when Iggy was still a toddler. So she was unconscious of the fact that she was going places (so to say). Her father Brendan was a painter and her mother Tanya was a house cleaner. 

It was her father who sparked an interest in art for art’s sake in Iggy. She began her career as a rap artist at the precocious age of 14. As a teen nubbin she even formed a three girl band but later on dissolved it due to the fact that the other two girls were just fooling around. Azalea hated schoolwork and she only liked art classes. Later on she dropped out and began working with her mother in order to save up enough cash to go to America, the Land of Opportunity. Azalea made few friends in school and was generally on the receiving side of relentless bullying. 

Iggy’s mother was worried sick about her and wanted her to be very careful regarding her health and safety in America. Iggy felt like a big fish in a little pond in Australia. She wanted to go where the whole scene was happening and that was no place other than the US of A. Iggy would later on change her name to the present epithet. She borrowed the “Iggy” from the pet name of her dog and the “Azalea” from the street where her family used to live. In the beginning everyone scoffed at her rapping efforts. But Iggy was bigger than her ego and so she took it all with a grain of salt. Soon enough the laughing crowd fell silent when she broke out in the open with hit songs. 

Pu$$y was her first song and it as previously mentioned went viral. She was to later on collaborate with many people including the rapper T.I. and French Montana. Her song Murda Bizness made waves. Beyond that such numbers as Bounce, Work, Change your Life, Fancy and Problem (with Ariana Grande) made her a world-famous figure. Her Black Widow with Rita Ora made her worth even more. 

To this day, Iggy raps in a southern accent which she picked up during her stints in Miami and Atlanta. She has virtually left behind her Aussie accent and adopted this requirement for all rappers. And despite Nicki Minaj’s mean comments at the award show, the fact of the matter is that Iggy is on top of the world and enjoying every single second of it. Nicki is probably just bloody jealous, which was the reason behind her strange remarks. Iggy shrugs off such barbs since she has the hide of a rhinoceros, which is a necessity in show business.  

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