It’s A Purrfect Day To Celebrate National Cat Day

It’s a Purrfect Day to celebrate National Cat Day

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  • Today is the National Cat Day.
  • The feline creatures are adorable and they are spoiled and cared for this day every year.
  • This day is celebrated by planning special activities all day around entirely for cats.

Started in 2005, cat owners and cat lovers are celebrating the National Cat Day.

Since 2005, every US citizen celebrates their most beautiful feline pets. The world is also embracing these cute, adorable creatures and US leads the way in telling the world how to treat cats the perfect way. They are in almost every household. They are in shelters and they are out in the streets. They just need a home, a loving parent and little tuna munchies. 

Lists are drawn and people will be caring for the feline creatures all around the USA. First are the cats that are already home. Bake cookies for them; bake cookies for your family shaped like cats. Buy them a new litter box. Most of all; just sit down and give your cat a lot of patting and scratching. They just love being loved and on their special day they deserved to be loved. 

If you don’t have a cat, then go get one from your nearby shelter. Make the poor creature your responsibility. Buy all its essentials and again, swear to yourself that you will love it. You love them, they will love you back. If your family doesn’t allow you to keep pets, just go to the nearby shelter or to your elderly neighbor’s house that has a butt load of them and pat the cats there.  Clean their litter boxes and help them feel better. Don’t forget to write a letter to your congressman or Senator to protect the cat rights and banish the use of gas chambers.

The online users are celebrating their cats by making ‘Cat videos.’ Oh yeah! Cat lovers would be making and posting videos all over the internet and sharing their cute cat moments with everyone. If you don’t have a cat, just go online and check out these videos and you will definitely want one once you’re done with watching them being ‘simply adorable.’

See some cute cat tweets below.

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