Jameis Winston Rumored To Be Involved In Point Shaving Scheme

Jameis Winston Rumored To Be Involved In Point Shaving Scheme

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  • Heisman Trophy Winner
  • 2014 National Champion
  • Florida State Quarterback

“I don’t believe it. He’s a good guy. He’s innocent.”

Jameis Winston is the subject of more rumors in the week leading up to his pending FSU hearing.  The Florida State quarterback has now been rumored in a point shaving scheme to win a bet.

Winston is accused of shaving points during the first half of the game against Louisville on October 30th.  According to TMZ, Winston was involved in the point shaving scheme to help a former high school teammate win a $5,000 bet.

The bet was that Louisville would be winning at the half, and indeed FSU was down 21-7 at halftime. However the undefeated Seminoles eventually came back to win the game 42-31.  The allegations stem from a bookkeeper who Winston’s friend gave an initial $5,500 bet to, agreeing that if Louisville was up at halftime he would get his money back plus $5,000.

FSU has not commented on the allegations made by TMZ and other outlets.  Sources inside Winston’s camp are saying that it’s all a coincidence to drum up more bad publicity for the Heisman quarterback.

Nearly all FSU students who were asked about the rumor on Friday do not believe it.

“I think most of these rumors are created inspire of victory and who he is and just to downplay someone who has been really successful,” said one FSU student.
“I don’t believe it. He’s a good guy. He’s innocent,” another student said.

“I mean, he cares about our school as much as anyone else. I don’t see that being something he would do,” a third student said.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the FBI who told them, “We are the agency that would investigate these claims.”

However, when we asked if there was an active investigation into Jameis the FBI told TMZ, “I can neither confirm nor deny that we are investigating allegations of point shaving.”

So far this year, Winston has been arrested for stealing crab legs, accused of sexual assault, and accused of selling autographs for money.

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