James Bond Cars Stolen

Range Rover


Real world villains stole five Range Rover Sport cars in Germany that were planned for the new Bond Spectre movie. A delay of the filming of Bond Spectre is possible.

Bad news just surfaced days after the Bond franchise presented the cast and name of the 24th Bond movie. Filming of Bond Spectre is underway in Europe and as always there are car chases in James Bond movies. Five Range Rover cars that were ordered for the Bond Spectre movie have now been stolen in Germany. 

It is not clear if these five luxury SUVs have been equipped with special James Bond gadgetry or any other enhancement for stunt cars. According to Express the German police has no leads on the stolen cars. The estimated value of the five cars is almost a $1 million. 

Daniel Craig’s new Bond car, the Aston Martin DB10 is save. For now. Maybe the real world villains have also planned a heist on the Aston Martin’s. It would be interesting to know if the thieves knew that the Ranger Rovers are to appear in the new Bond movie or if it was just a normal car theft for them.

The James Bond car theft could potentially delay the production of the Bond Spectre. Let’s hope not. The new Bond Spectre is scheduled to be released on November 6, 2015.

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