Midwest invasion coming to CES 2015

Midwest invasion coming to CES 2015


Over 160 based Midwestern US based companies to be in Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be one that will feature consumer electronics companies from throughout the world and the United States. Las Vegas will be the site of this fantastic event that will feature the newest and brightest ideas from the consumer electronics world. According to new information that was recently released by the Consumer Electronics Association, there will be over 160 exhibitors at CES 2015 that are based from the Midwestern portion of the United States in attendance. The Midwest comprises of the states of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Wearable technologies are certainly to be a big attraction at CES 2015. One Midwestern based company that will focus on women’s wearable technology is the Chicago based, Mira. Another company from the Midwest will be the Kansas based Robotzone. Robotzone is a company that specializes in using robots in helping consumers in their everyday tasks and chores. The CEO of Robotzone is a gentleman by the name of Brian Pettey and Pettey says that CES 2015 will be an excellent place where he will able to display and exhibit the new and existing products that his company has to offer but at the same time be able to interact and converse with consumers who are just intrigued and curious about robots.

Some of the other Midwestern based companies that are set to be at CES 2015 are the Blackstone Launch Pad from Case Reserve University in Ohio, Nova also from Chicago, and the Wisconsin based, grandCare. These companies will have products from such that will change the way that patients are treated for severe ailments and conditions to new credit card sized flashes that can be inserted into smartphones in order for them to take better and brighter pictures.

All together, there will be a total of 3,500 consumer electronics exhibitors that will be on hand for CES 2015.

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