Jawbone Wristband Is The Ideal Health Monitor Christmas Gift

Jawbone Wristband is the Ideal Health Monitor Christmas Gift


The Jawbone Wristband is the most ideal health monitor wearable that makes for a perfect Christmas gift.

Everybody wants to keep track of their health via a little technological help. The Jawbone Wristband is one such fit and fabulous device that will let you in on the state of your vital stats and keep you abreast of the condition of your constitution.

On Amazon, the various types of Jawbone Wristbands available come in all sorts of colors and sizes. These Jawbone Wristbands are very compact and versatile gadgets that can easily fit onto your wrist.

There is the UP 24 Jawbone Wristband, which has Bluetooth facility attached to it. Worth $80, it is very cool and funky indeed.

The simple UP Jawbone Wristband is worth $40 and $79 for the large and medium versions.

The small UP Jawbone Wristband is worth $63.

A light blue variety of the Jawbone Wristband is worth $65 and is ideal for males.

The Jawbone Wristband also comes in grey color for the slightly more sophisticated and these costs $63, $75 for medium and small models.

As for the red type of the Jawbone Wristband, it has a price tag of $60.

The same sort of Jawbone Wristbands are available on Best Buy and they too are variegated in nature.

The large Onyx variety is worth $80. The Jawbone Wristband in Onyx models both medium and small is worth $80 each.

Then the large and small Blue models in the Jawbone Wristband are worth $68 each.

The medium Onyx is available in two types and worth approximately $80 while the smaller one has the selfsame price.

Best Buy also contains some lucrative deals connected to Jawbone Wristbands. There is the Navy blue Jawbone Wristband which is for $80.

Then there are the pink coral and persimmon colored Jawbone Wristbands which are ideal for the ladies. They also cost $80.

Some of the other colors the Jawbone Wristband is available in /4/be included: lemon lime, mint green and orange.

Best Buy also has a special sale offer for large Onyx Jawbone UP Wristband. You can save $50 and get this one now for just $29.99.

The Jawbone Wristband is simply the best there is in gifts that will go a long way towards fulfilling the New Year Resolutions of so many. It will surely help those who receive the gifts to track their fitness levels and goals and thus attain whatever health status they want in no time. Buy one for your beloved whom you want to see fit as a fiddle or for your family member who needs to shed some extra pounds.


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