CES 2015: LG will unveil its New 4K Ultra HD TV with Quantum Dot Technology

CES 2015: LG will unveil its New 4K Ultra HD TV with Quantum Dot Technology


Like all other companies, LG has also decided to take part in CES 2015. Besides introducing its flagship phones, the company is going to unveil an amazing LED.

LG is planning to introduce its 4K Ultra High Definition TV lineup at 2015 International CES. This series of TV use dot technology in order to produce extraordinary and amazing results.  The quantum dot technology allows the display to offer extremely wide color palette and enhance color saturation when compared to the orthodox LCD TV’s. 

The technology used in LCD is environment friendly as it does not contain heavy toxic metals nor does it contain cadmium. The head of the TV and monitor division and the senior vice president of LG electronics, In-Kyu Lee said that LG’s 4K Ultra HD TV’s bring television picture quality to next generation because of Quantum dots vivid and vibrant color production abilities.

In addition to this, he said that the LG’s Ultra HD TVs that use quantum dot technology are nominated as an award winning OLED TVs. He then said that this award further boost the image of LG as the leading innovative and diverse TV display technologies in the industry. 

The most anticipated technology event will take place on the 6th of next month and along with other technology giants, LG will introduce a TV that works by harnessing nano crystal. These crystals range between the sizes of 2 to 10 nanometers. Because of this nano technology the TV offers improved and better color saturation along with better picture quality.

Every color is represented by a different dot and the amount of color depends upon the size of the dot. The overall reproduction rate and the brightness of the TV have significantly improved because the company has added a film of quantum dots in front of LCD backlight. 

The global technology innovator and leader in the consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communication will be unveiling its diverse products at CES 2015. The company employing 82,000 people that are working with more than 119 locations around the world plans to introduce their upcoming mobile Smart phones at CES international 2015. 

Visitors from around the globe will be allowed to have a peek at all the upcoming products of LG at CES 2015. LG 4K Ultra High Definition TVs will be made available in 2015 in order to complement LG’s OLED TV and Ultra HD TV offerings. 

LG is named as 4K Ultra HD Partner for the international 2015 CES.  The company is based in Englewood Cliffs N.J, the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics. The company is famous for its solar energy solution, LED lighting, air conditions systems and much more.

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CES, which is managed and produced by CEA, will start on the 6th of January and the event is going to last for three days. During these three days, world technology giants will introduce their upcoming and amazing products and services. Along with these industry hulks many individuals will also present their innovative and unique products and services. 

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