Jay Leno Gets Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

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Jay Leno was recently awarded the Mark Twain Prize in recognition of his work in Humor.

Recently the red carpet event for the Mark Twain Prize was held. Initially it looked like this event would be a serious one but the presence of all the comedy kings changed the game. These comedians who were gathered at the red carpet event for the Mark Twain Prize brought color to the evening with their light hearted humor.

Jay Leno was praised by all his fans and eager celebs who thought that he did a wonderful job in the category of American humor. Famous artist Seth Meyers stated that Jay Leno has the potential to crack humor through single words. He also said that he is the one that showed that monologue was very important in humor.

Jerry Seinfeld also said that Jay knew how to make comedy and he also knew the way of mixing entertainment with humor. He said that Leno’s comedy was liked by most of the people which made him a huge success. 

Leno was also in the mood of saying the right things that night. He said that comedy was like a game of golf. Anybody could play it till his old age as the person needed to stay fit and had to pace in the right way to get the desired results. Leno also announced that he was going to host a new prime-time show with CNBC. It is said that the show will be an entertaining one as Leno is hosting it. 

All the great comedians at that event gave interviews to different reporters. It was seen that Seinfeld and Fallon were standing close to each other when giving an interview. At that time Fellon yelled to Seinfeld that he could not hear himself thinking as Seinfeld was talking so loud. After that he ran to a distant place to continue his interview.

Some of the comedians impersonated Leno on the Mark Twain Prize red carpet as well. Smoove was the best to imitate Leno at that event. Jimmy Fallon also mimicked Leno on “The Tonight Show”.

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