Jeff Kagan coming to CES 2015

Jeff Kagan coming to CES 2015

Photo Credit: Jeff Kagan


Industry insider hoping to impress top companies

Jeff Kagan is well known throughout the world for his expertise in the industry of technology. One place that you would most certainly expect to see Mr. Kagan at is the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 6th until January 9th, 2015. It has been announced by Jeff Kagan himself that he will be attending CES 2015 and is asking top companies before hand to contact him so he can set up briefing times during CES 2015 and inform companies exactly how he thinks that companies will perform in the consumer electronics industry and give them advice on just exactly how to succeed in today’s market.

Kagan has also announced that he would still like companies to contact him during and after CES 2015 about getting a face to face meeting with him. Kagan says that interested companies should contact him by phone first and have an initial meeting and then if both parties are on common grounds and terms then they can go farther in the evaluation.

Jeff Kagan is a well known industry analyst who focuses his energies on wireless, television, and internet technologies. He has also been known to cover smartphones, tablets, computers, and other consumer electronics devices. Kagan is well known throughout the world and throughout technology and its associative worlds. Kagan is known for writing daily press briefings and it is a very good bet that he is being interviewed or consulting with some top company every day of the week. Jeff Kagan has been quoted on the comings and goings of technology for the biggest part of the past 25 years. He writes two syndicated columns each week and also writes press releases on major companies every day. Jeff Kagan is also a noted speaker on tech companies and has given speeches about the subject all over the world.

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