Jennifer Lawrence have a Penis says Elizabeth Banks

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Jennifer Lawrence have a Penis says Elizabeth Banks

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The superfit and kickass heroine, Jennifer Lawrence has been given many extreme epithets.

Jennifer Lawrence is on top of the world thanks to her role which she has played with fidelity in The Hunger Games franchise. She is in a physically enviable state and her mind is sharp as a tack. She of all people should know this since her view is that she has reverse body dysmorphic disorder.

Jennifer is proud of her physique and does not like to go on weird diets that are no fun at all. She is a symbol of pride in the female form for all the thinking women of the world. Just ask Elizabeth Banks. She had a brief repartee session with Jennifer recently on YouTube and some of the comments were simply hilarious.

Banks first asked her how she would rate herself on a scale of one to ten in badass traits. Lawrence replied that maybe a two would be appropriate. But Banks immediately said that no, this was not true since she was a very extreme badass.

Banks went on to say that Jlaw had a male organ of reproduction. But that is not all there is to the strange comment. Banks basically meant that Jlaw had the balls to take on the male establishment that was Hollywood.

She tackled them and went on to surpass her male costars. Banks furthermore said that she reminded one of other actresses who played strong characters on screen (think Julianne Moore).  

Jennifer certainly has a lot going for her. Not only has she achieved the height of fame and a ton of money via the role of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games franchise but she has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actress of all time.

This prompted her costar Donald Sutherland to remark that she was a genius and certainly the right person to arrive at the right moment in history. She was almost like the founder of Christianity in her displaying a versatile super-genius mindset that simply changed the game.

Donald furthermore said that she had the capability of extracting the kernel of truth from every situation. This made her very realistic and authentic despite being an actress who took part in the make-belief world of the silver screen.

Julianne Moore also lauded her for possessing the gift of the gab. She praised her for being a wonderful and charismatic personality. As for Willow Shields, who plays Jlaw’s younger sister in the Hunger Games, she said that she was like a real-life sister to her and she felt that Jennifer was also a great person to look up to for some sincere advice.  

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