Jennifer Lawrence hustled out of the David Letterman Show. Why?

Jennifer Lawrence hustled out of the David Letterman Show. Why?

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  • Jennifer Lawrence Appeared on the David Letterman Show.
  • She Gave Autographs to Fans Waiting Outside.
  • Crowd Tried to Break the Barriers.

Jennifer Lawrence is making multiple appearances these days to promote the upcoming installment of the Hunger Games franchise; Mocking Jay. The Mocking Jay would be appearing worldwide in cinemas after 21st November and it is only fair to assume that the actors are going to be busy promoting the movie. 

Jennifer plays the protagonist Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games have earned a huge fan following. It was not surprising when there was a large crowd waiting for her outside the David Letterman Show. She went right in before the start of the show.

Fearing that she /4/disappoint them, she turned and went to the crowds to give away some autographs. All for the happiness of the fans. Things however got a little shaky when few of her fans pushed off the barriers and tried to get closer to Jen. 

Her security guards, ever so vigilant, covered her flanks and escorted Jen as less roughly as possible. We have seen them supporting Jen and keeping her from falling on the Academy Awards Red Carpet. They proved to be effective once more. They surrounded Jen and led her to her car. She settled into it and they drove away.

This /4/seem simple but the situation was truly panicking. For a while, it showed on Jen’s face but she managed to put a smile in a few moments and shook of all the panic. The fans get excited when they see their idols in front of them but that could lead to someone being hurt when they cross the limits. Something like that happened here.

Otherwise, the show went on without a hitch. Jennifer was her usually perky and fun self. She talked about the movie and her experiences on set. She told the audience how she hated singing. She had to sing as Katniss, if we remember in the Hunger Games when she buried Rue. She accounted it as a horrible experience.

She admitted she had cried that day when she had to sing. She also revealed the story behind her fear of using her vocal chords in that particular area. She told the fans that she had a Southern mother who raised her on the principle that she could do anything. She participated in her school’s talent show following that belief.

She sang Holly Jolly Christmas and admitted that she sounded like a tone deaf Amy Winehouse. She even did an imitation of her nine years old self for the benefit of the audience. It was indeed a hilarious moment but she didn’t sound so bad in Hunger Games and we are sure she’d sound ok in Mocking Jay as well. The drama that followed the show did not break her spirits and we hope to see more of Jennifer before the release of the movie.

Sources: Mirror , DailyMail

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