Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Receive Apology from Heat

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Receive Apology from Heat

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Jessica Biel appeased by the court ruling against the flirting allegations against her husband Justin Timberlake. Difficult times make relations stronger.

Jessica Biel became a Timberlake in 2012 when she tied the knot with Justin. An addition to this couple’s marriage is today’s victory in an Irish court. The British magazine Heat apologized to the couple for reporting that Justin had been flirting with other women while he was in Paris for his European tour. 

The magazines 6th-12th September editions published articles under the headings: ‘Justin Timberlake gets flirty with another woman’, ‘It is not his wife’ and ‘The flirty photos that rocked Justin and Jessica’s marriage’.

These articles were based on baseless reports on Timberlake’s suspected behavior in a club in Paris and statements inadequately applied to Jessica. Now the magazine realizes its mistake and accepts that such statements were never made by Jessica in the first place.

Heat now takes the blame and accepts that the article was in fact far from the reality of the situation. It regrets the fact that the couple had to face any humiliation due to its mistake and apologized for the blunder. Financial settlements if any have been kept a secret.

E! News posted Heat’s official apology statement that reads: “On 6th-12th September edition of heat magazine, the Defendant published an article under the headlines ‘Justin Timberlake gets flirty with another woman,’ ‘It is not his wife!” and ‘The flirty photos that rocked Justin and Jessica’s marriage.’ The article was based on an unfounded report regarding Justin Timberlake’s alleged behavior at a club following a performance in Paris, to celebrate a birthday and also included a number of purported statements improperly attributed to Jessica Biel, which heat now understands had never been made by her. The Defendant accepts that the article was false and withdraws any inferences that questioned the state of Justin and Jessica’s marriage. The Defendant regrets any embarrassment caused to the couple and unreservedly apologises to them.”

Paul Tweed, a senior partner at the Law firm that represents the Timberlakes stated that his clients are glad with the magazines retraction of what was a false and misleading story and they have accepted its apology. The lawyer further stated that the couple would not comment any further regarding this matter and are ready to face any challenge, such as these fake rumors, in the future.

Moreover, the couple has been spending more time together since this drama started. Jessica Biel just recently flew to Australia to join Justin on his ongoing tour. The couple enjoyed their second anniversary in New Zealand, hiking atop the beautiful mountains where Timberlake took time to share a picture on Instagram of the amazing moment with his wife.

This was the first time that Justin Timberlake shared a private picture of himself on his Instagram account otherwise it all revolves around music. ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ —Ferris,” a beautiful quote to describe a beautiful picture.  Well done Justin, what a way to celebrate a victory!

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