Jessica Korda claims Top Position on Leader Board

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Jessica Korda Claims Top Position

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Jessica Korda moved on Top of Leader Board in China.

Jessica Korda is an excellent golf player. She is recently playing in China at Hainann Island at the Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Course. She did a wonderful job in the first round and claimed the top position on leader board. It was thought that she might not be able to play her best game as she had a wrist injury. 

However her powerful shots showed that there was no stopping her. She injured her hand when she aimed a shot for her 13th hole. Although her wrist was in a lot of pain after that she took the pain stoically. She finished the game in a much better way and got a one-shot lead over the other players.  As for the other players in that event who managed to pull a one-shot lead, they included in their ranks: Brittany Lang, Wie and Shanshan Feng.

Since Jessica Korda has gotten a lead in the first round, her chances of winning this event have also increased. If Jessica Korda or Wie will win this event, they will have their rankings equal to that of Stacy Lewis. Along with that they will be able to win most of the LPGA tournaments in a single season.

Jessica Korda has stayed in the top ten positions as a golf player since the start of this year. She won Pure Silk Bahamas Classic and Airbus LGPA early in 2014 too. After that she started working harder on her hitting skills. She is currently working with David Leadbetter in order to improve her swing while hitting a shot. 

She previously suffered from shoulder injuries. It was reported that at the time of the 14th hole her hand looked just fine and throughout the game she appeared to be in perfect shape.

She revealed that she was shocked when she incurred the wrist injury. She also said that she felt relieved when she saw that her injury was of a minor type. She said that she had put some ice on it to avoid pain. She also said that she had given rest to her wrist in order to fully recover from the pain.

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