Jimmy Fallon slaps Kevin Hart in Slapjack

Jimmy Fallon slaps Kevin Hart in Slapjack

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  • Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon played Slapjack on the Tonight Show.
  • Jimmy Fallon won the Blackjack like game Slapjack.

Kevin Hart got upset at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon because he couldn’t get a black hand to slap the host while playing the game of Slapjack.

Tonight show with its current host Jimmy Fallon has always been known for its slapstick comedian and continuous laughs. As always, last night was no different. 

One of the guests on last night’s Tonight show hosted by Jimmy Fallon was Kevin Hart who is a well known comedian for his trash talking abilities and comedian.

Kevin Hart appeared on “The Tonight Show” Thursday night to promote his latest movie “The Wedding Ringer” that hits theaters today.

On this particular show both comedians sat down for a different version of the all-time popular and favorite card game Blackjack, renamed called Slapjack

Now the concept of the game was explained to Kevin Hart. The game is played just like Blackjack, with the goal of reaching 21 or the highest number between the two players.

The difference which gives the game its name is that the winner gets to slap the loser with a huge prosthetic hand. When Kevin Hart saw the hand, he commented that he ‘couldn’t get a black hand’. 

Now the game started  off nice and slow, with Kevin Hart dealing the first hand with Kevin hart ending up with 13 and Jimmy Fallon 23, a bust, making Kevin Hart the winner and incredible joy Kevin Hart walloped Jimmy Fallon with the prosthetic hand.

The comedians continued to enjoy their game of Slapjack and in the second round Jimmy Fallon won and ‘finger slapped’ Kevin Hart. Evening the score and moving into the third round. 

The third round was just as captivating and just as hilarious as the previous two rounds of Slapjack.  With Kevin Hart states ‘”If I win, your face is gonna get red”. Jimmy Fallon dealt the third round.

With the last card to be drawn for Kevin, the comedian tried to use his flair for entertainment with a dash of  some magic, well, lots of hand waving and blowing hot air,  to get a card that will let him win the final round and back at get Fallon.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t his lucky day and the round went in the hosts favor again. 

Unquestionably both comedians were beyond hilarious and true to form. They took a simple game of blackjack into something else, far more enjoyable and rewarding.

True to form Kevin Hart trash talked throughout, he held nothing back, he  even mentioned how the number 17 was for mother in laws,” you want it but you can’t have it”. 

True to form the Tonight show as always entertained to the fullest.  Both comedians ensured that not only did they enjoy the game of Slapjack, but all those around them, the audience and those viewers watching on television also enjoyed the game of Slapjack just as much, minus of course the prosthetic hand.

Last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and guest Kevin Hart was a show full of fun and laughter as always. Watch the video of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart playing Slapjack.

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