Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor for Chris Soules

Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor for Chris Soules

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Jimmy Kimmel appeared as the guest star on the latest Bachelor episode and dictated the terms of the activities of the show.

If one thought Chris couldn’t get enough reasons to lip lock with the girls on the show, Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance on the show to dictate its direction for Chris in choosing his lucky ladies for the next episode.

Jimmy came prepared apparently and after a nuzzling shower with Chris, he set about dictating the sequence of the show.

Jimmy Kimmel sent Chris with Katilyn to Costco to buy groceries for dinner and prepare it for him. Leave it to Chris to kiss, he and Katilyn snuggled in a human hamster ball and stole a kiss while kids pushed them around.

The couple prepared dinner for the talk show host and were later joined by him at the dinner table. The threesome enjoyed an awkward dinner where Katilyn was helped by Kimmel to reveal that Chris was not the only farmer she had dated and Jimmy went to add more credits to the “ex” farmer hence giving Chris the lowdown in comparison. 

Jimmy also introduced the “Amazing jar”. Working on the same principle as a swear jar, you only had to say amazing to owe the jar a dollar putting a well awaited pause to the annoying adjective on the girls’ mouths.

Jimmy gave Chris the valuable advice to sleep with every girl before he made up his mind to choose one of them. Even with the intervention of Jimmy, the couple kissed in the hot tub and Katilyn ended with a red rose. 

Next up; Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Nikki and Carly were all chosen for a Hoedown Throwdown which included five activities emphasizing Chris being a farmer, including drinking warm goat milk and wrestling a pig.

Carly won the hoedown from the front runner Jillian. Carly got to dress up with Chris for an American gothic photograph complemented later on with Jimmy as the woman on the other photo.

Later on Chris sneaked a kiss with the hunky farmer after giving an inherent gender lesson. Amber got a slow dance and a kiss from Chris asking him to pretend that it was their wedding.

The only one who showed strong resolve was Becca who told Chris about her parents’ 30 years long marriage and told him she wouldn’t want to hurry into kissing him. This might have impressed Chris because he gave Becca a rose. 

Fun to watch was Chris’ date with Whitney who decided to crash a nearby wedding. After a few minutes, Chris ran out of snags and Whitney helped him through. This adventure earned Whitney a rose and a kiss.

Jimmy took the reigns again and changed the cocktail party to a pool party. This provided Chris to smooch three other ladies; Jade in his quarters, Jillian in the hot tub and a hurt Ashley I on the rooftop. So after all the mess and mayhem, Jimmy was a good host to stand with Chris while he made decisions about handing out roses. 

Jimmy even joked to lighten the intense mood. He also provided Chris with encouraging words so he wouldn’t be embarrassed or unnerved by the girl’s responses when they were left without roses. At the end of the show, Amber, Tracy and Trina were the ones leaving the show.  

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