JK Rowling stands up to Rupert Murdoch

JK Rowling stands up to Rupert Murdoch

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JK Rowling replies to Rupert Murdoch’s tweets.

The above message was tweeted by Rupert Murdoch on Sunday four days after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, France. There are many who will agree that Murdoch is right and will generalize their statements and assume the worst of all Muslims, even peaceful Muslims who have suffered just as much. 

JK Rowling has taken a different stance and has stood up to the News Corp giant. Like many others, JK Rowling does not agree with  Murdoch’s statement that all Muslims are to be held responsible. JK Rowling used the Spanish Inquisition as an example, that if all Muslims were to blame for the Paris shootings than all Christan Fundamentalist violence should be blamed on all Christians, including herself. 

Keep in mind another tweet that JK Rowling made, it is something that individuals who feel that all Muslims should be held responsible for the violence of a few should consider. 

With this in mind one must consider that if all Muslims are bad, then why are more Muslims dyng than others? This is one question that JK Rowling has put forth and many are unable to answer. 

Along with JK Rowling’s stand against Rupert Murdoch many others have also stood up and slammed Murdoch for his statements. Many people who back JK Rowling even question why it is that Muslims leaders keep apologizing for something they had nothing to do with.  

No one seems to be apologizing for the Oklahoma bombings or the shootings that have taken place in the various schools in the United States. Why have not Priests come on television to apologize for those actions? Why is it that only Muslims leaders are apologizing? Part of the problem /4/be that if they do not they are seen as being in league with those fundamentalist that chose to act on their own. 

After JK Rowling scathing remarks on Rupert’s tweets, Rupert Murdoch decided to acknowledge that the nation, the world should remember that the heroic Police officer’s actions, who in fact was a Muslim.

It was too late. The hate and the generalizations that he has spread, only breed more hate overshadowing all reason. Just like as in Islam, there are extremist, so does Christianity have its extremists and they inflict violence on innocent Muslims. 

In essence, this is what JK Rowling and her followers are saying, to generalize only creates more ‘bad blood’ on both sides. To generalize the actions of a few individuals to the entire religion is inaccurate and damaging. No religion as JK Rowling has said is innocent of vicious actions, but those actions are not perpetrated by the majority but rather happen to be the actions of a few. 

There are many who have sent some very scathing tweets to JK Rowling for standing up to Rupert Murdoch on the side of the Muslims. This is a stand that is difficult as it is easier to blame and hate then see that Muslims too are a victim of terrorist actions. 

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