#JLoAMAs Top Tweet in Yankee Land as Jenny and Iggy strut their Butts

#JLoAMAs Top Tweet in Yankee Land as Jenny and Iggy strut their Butts

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The #JLoAMAs is the top tweet in Yankee Land (the USA) as Jenny from the Block and Iggy strutted their butts onstage to the applause of the audience.

She looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Jennifer Lopez appeared at the AMAs in a very tight-fitting dress that showed off her perfect abs. She was the most buff of the ladies present on the occasion. Her super-sizzling physique and smouldering looks sent daggers into the hearts of the male onlookers.

She performed the song Booty with a partner and that was none other than Iggy Azalea. As usual J.Lo has always bedazzled the crowd with her larger than life persona. She thrills and kills the competition with one look of her murderous eyes. And Jennifer is incomplete without a bit of extra skin showing.

That is her style and she is known to flaunt it. And Jenny didn’t just have six pack abs…she virtually had eight pack abs. Her tummy was a yummy one alright at the AMAs. For some time to come she will be the talk of Tinsel Town. As for her performance of Booty with Iggy Azalea it was tops. 

J.Lo’s bronze smokey eyes also told a different story. It matched her naturally light brown comlexion. With her hair pulled back she seemed supercool and at the height of elegance and esteem. And believe it or not but she is 45.

She looks nearly half that age once again proving the dictum that age is but a number. She got some help from a makeup artist for her sexy look. Meanwhile, the song that both Jenny and Iggy rendered on stage was called Booty and in it they did anything and everything they were capable of doing.

As the title of the song portrays so well, the whole act has a lot of ass-shaking in it. Some of the moves were so sexxxy that they made all the male members turn to jelly and mush in the audience. The lights that got superimposed on the two singers’ figures consisted of polka dots, candy stripes and precious rocks patterns.

There came a point in the whole performance when Jenny received a phone call on her mobile which she dismissed in an offhand manner as a booty call. Seldom has the interest-o-meter been so hot as it was at the AMAs thanks to the performance by Jenny from the Block and Iggy Azalea.  

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