Joe Biden Shots Fired near Home leading to Fears

Joe Biden Shots Fired near Residence leading to Fears

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Joe Biden had shots fired near his home leading to fears that are legitimate in nature.

A series of gunshot sounds were heard near Vice President Joe Biden’s home, but neither he nor his wife were present inside so the situation was saved. Yet it was a close call. The US Secret Service is in on the case and searching for clues.

Its agents are looking high and low for possible suspects. It will be some time before a range of suspicious figures emerge from the FBI’s files who /4/have been responsible for this mischief making.

One man hasd already been brought in. It was an open thoroughfare from the vantage point of which the shots were fired and the car sped away in the end as security became alert too late to stop the gangster forces that had done the deed.

As for the Veep, he and his spouse were in the same city but they were thankfully not present in their residential space. That was a relief indeed.

What was unclear was whether the shots were fired randomly by some intoxicated minds or aimed deliberately at Biden’s home.

There have been similar incidents before related to the Obama presidency. Last September a man with a knife nearly entered the White House after jumping the picket fence surrounding it and was stopped in the nick of time by security. 

Biden and President Obama were given the lowdown on the security issues facing them recently. The current location of Biden is being kept a secret for obvious reasons.

It is not safe times we are living in and that is one reason we still keep our homes locked at night since the sinister elements and dregs of society that have been produced thanks to the cracks in the system are on the loose at that time of oblivion.

One such suspect has already been arrested and is being questioned by authorities. He /4/be the culprit and /4/not be too. It is a matter of interpreting reality and that is being left for the law to decide.

However, it appears to be the case thatnone of the bullets hit Biden’s home. They were just random shots fired by some nutcase.

Besides, since Biden wasn’t present at home, the legitimate question that arises is whether this was an attempt at harming him and his wife.

Maybe, we will never know since the suspect for shots fired near Joe Biden home /4/have wandered off to his own home somewhere in Deleware. 

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