Jon Stewart Runs a Program to Employ War Veterans in TV

Jon Stewart Runs a Program to Employ War Veterans in TV

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The irreverent Iraq War critic, Jon Stewart quietly runs a program to employ war veterans in television and show business.

While he /4/have been the most salient and vociferous critic of the Iraq War, Jon Stewart actually runs a program to offer returning veterans a chance in show business. As one war veteran learnt when he got a job in a boot camp which brought young adults into television, the whole initiative was funded and headed by none other than Jon Stewart. 

According to the war veteran, whose name was Nathan Witmer, the very stuff of which this dream of his was made was inspirational. And thanks to Jon Stewart, it came true. Witmer started at Fox News and worked his way up to being a permanent fixture at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

According to NYTimes, Nathan Witmore says that often society is based on words and service industries which are essentially hollow. But here was solid satisfaction for the first time and he was indeed thankful to Jon for being such a gentleman and savior of sorts. 

While the Daily Show will not have Jon Stewart among its ranks for long since he is leaving the platform soon, he has set the trend for the future. Other television programs and news rooms will be hiring veterans by taking on to the example set by Stewart.

Jon has reiterated that in order to bring a modicum of variety into show business, different folks have to be recruited. After all, it takes all sorts of colors to make up the tapestry of the media. 

While war veterans seldom go unemployed, they are a rarity in show business. But with Jon Stewart leading the way in this sudden reversal of traditional job typing, many of those returning home to a hero’s welcome will be joining TV careers.

Usually the military and show business have hardly had a chance to gel together. That /4/be due to the leftist thinking of the acting profession and Tinsel Town and the rigid and disciplined focus of the armed forces. 

Then there is the fact that most of the time required to learn the ropes in show business is spent by the military personnel in doing stints in various posts in foreign lands. However, Movie directors such as Judd Apatow and Bruce Cohen have taken on veterans in their film scenes.

And while Jon Stewart /4/hardly have been the one person thought to have started this trailblazing path, it seems he had a change of heart mid-career and began the whole shebang which has immensely benefited veterans. 

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