Jose Canseco shoots himself in the Hand

Jose Canseco shoots himself in the Hand

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Former MLB player is still in surgery.

The Major League Baseball player made the headlines as he accidentally shot himself. The former MLB player was in his Las Vegas home with his girlfriend and model Leila Knight. The departments Lt. Mark Reddon said police were called to the former midfielder’s home about 2:30 pm concerning a report of accidental shooting of a firearm. Canseco met the officers at the door and told them that he was cleaning his semi-automatic gun when it went off, hitting the middle finger on his left hand.

Canseco was immediately rushed to University Medical Center for treatment. Speaking to Knight, she explained that the couple was going to carve pumpkins after Canseco finished cleaning his gun. She heard a loud noise from the other room and Canseco told her to call 911.

She further revealed that Canseco was gone to the shooting range a few days earlier and didn’t know the gun was loaded and shot his middle finger which was nearly severed. He went into surgery and the doctors were trying to save his finger which seems quite difficult at the moment as he blew away an artery and a big bone chunk. 

Knight who has been with Canseco since 2009 after the two met at the Playboy Mansion moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago. Previously Knight has filed a temporary restraining order against Canseco in 2011 but later reconciled and they got engaged. According her Canseco has always kept guns for self-defense and owns 4 of them. She was quite relieved that now they would get rid of these guns as she hates them. 

Canseco in his 17 year career has played for a number of MLB teams since he started in 1985. These teams include the Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox, including 9 years with Oakland Athletics. The 50 year old MLB player had a lifetime .266 average and .515 slugging percentage and hit 462 home runs.

Canseco is also a six times All-Star and two time World Series champion. He also won the AL MVP award in 1988. He last played in the majors in 2001 after which in 2005 he published his book ‘Juiced’. The book blew the lid off the steroid culture in baseball and among the MLB players.

also testified before Congress that same year about the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. This led to tougher new rules on performance enhancing drugs. Since then the 50 year old baseball star has been involved in Reality TV and boxing ventures and has a highly active Twitter account.

Canseco’s twitter account was last updated by his girlfriend Leila Knight. Knight tweeted that she was thankful to all those who prayed and supported Canseco at this time. She also revealed that Canseco was still in surgery and would be perfectly fine very soon, though she was concerned about his finger and asked people to pray for it.

Sources: KCTV5 , NYDailyNews

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