Journalists in Jeans are Not allowed to Interview Prince William and Kate Middleton

Journalists in Jeans are Not allowed to Interview Prince William and Kate Middleton

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  • The Royal couple will only answer to the questions of eager journalists if they would be wearing a suite.

Journalists need to be dressed in suite if they want to interview the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

William and Kate are coming to visit United States. They will be visiting US in the month of December. The Royal couple will be giving interviews and will be answering to the questions of journalists in this visit as well. However only the journalists dressed formally will be allowed to have an access to this couple. This rule was issued on the Official website of British Monarchy.

These rules and regulations that are offered on the website tell about the whole story on this case. The rules clearly state that any journalist that would be wearing jeans will not be allowed to come in for questioning and answering rounds. Along with that the journalists are required to wear dress shirts and trousers with tie. The female journalists are asked to wear the skirt suit or trouser suit for attending this occasion. 

The transcript of these rules on British monarchy website state clearly that any journalist wearing jeans and casual clothes will not be allowed to enter the premises. It was also stated that these regulations were applied in order to pay respect for the Royal family. It said that casually dressed journalists will be returned without any kind of entertainment. Same rules will be applied for the technicians working with all the journalists. 

Journalists might look cool in the casual attire and /4/be seen working with stained clothes but this is not the case when you are dealing with Royal family. The Royal family likes to be dressed and it looks like they like to see everybody dressed as well. The journalists surely have to groom their selves in order to attend the program that would have Kate and William.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are hoping to have a royal treatment from everyone in the US. This can be seen from the fact that the Royal Family has imposed the rules of dressing up on the most casual lot of US. These codes and rules show that Buckingham Palace is concerned about the shabby dressing sense of the journalists. 

There are many rules that are issued by Royal official website that ensure the code of conduct for journalists. The journalists are also not allowed to take the photograph of Royal family members in a dinner while they are eating or are in conversation.

There are numerous other rules that are not quite wise. As the journalists are not allowed to take the photographs in first minute when they start public speaking.  The rules are generally strict when you are dealing with the British Royalty.

The codes also explain that the journalists have to address the Royal members in a very polite manner. They are not allowed to shout in an interview for having their attention. Instead they have to address them as Sir and Ma’am in order to ask something out of them. 

Source: E! News

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