Julia Roberts Confesses To Endangering Her Career By Foregoing Facelift

Julia Roberts confesses to endangering her Career by foregoing Facelift

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The “Pretty Woman” actress, Julia Roberts confessed to endangering her career by foregoing a facelift at the age of 40 plus.

Julia Roberts, she of Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride fame, recently confessed to the fact that she had taken a career-threatening and very bold step by refusing to undergo a facelift. That is because this was the standard procedure in Hollywood for those women who were above 40. 

She said that she was the exception rather than the rule in Tinsel Town. Julia had chosen to age gracefully rather than undergo plastic surgery. This revelation came the same week that Renee Zellweger had some reconstructive surgery done on her face and said that the changes made her feel on top of the world. Roberts is the face of Lancome. But she has the guts to face the aging process head on and not get cowed down by hiding behind excuses such as nip/tuck procedures.     

Lancome will still keep Roberts until she is 50 years old. That is five more years. And Julia has told her bosses that she won’t be going under the knife at all. She has been taking yoga classes and has further found peace of mind through meditation and ending all the chaos in her life. 

Simplicity is the key to her focus and happiness. Besides, spring cleaning her house, she has done the same with her mind. And she takes everything with a grain of salt. By acknowledging that she is not in charge of the universe, Roberts has made peace with herself. Yet she is the first one who admits that she is blessed in that she can choose how to spend her days. 

No one can pressurize her as fas as work is concerned. Other mothers have to work their asses off in order to make a living and then they have to juggle the twin responsibilities of work chores and rearing kids. But Julia, who has a husband, along with three kids, is relatively carefree due to the facilities and riches her fame has brought her. 

Source: Telegraph

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