Julius Randle Broken Leg causes Delay in Basketball Series

Julius Randle Broken Leg causes Delay in Basketball Series

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Lakers star Julius Randle suffered from a broken leg which caused a delay in the basketball series taking place currently.

Julius Randle is a new talent on the scene for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Black American is fit, strong, lean and capable of finely dribbling the ball. He can carry a bouncer to the point where it enters the hoop willy-nilly. But a severe setback occurred recently when this able and achievement-oriented man ended up severely injuring his leg.

The game had to suffer as a consequence. But to think of the physical and psychological suffering that Randle had to undergo after this immense loss. All his friends and family members ar praying for his quick recovery from this injury. The Lakers meanwhile took a battering from the Houston Rockets. The score was 108-90. It was indeed a scene of sadness and dejection.    

The rookie had just broken his tibia which leads up to the conclusion that he will have take extensive rest for his injury. It is off to the hospital for Randle for now. One of his teammates announced the fact to be heartbreaking in its implications not only for the team but for Randle himself. As Randle was slowly scooted off into an ambulance which was waiting for the injured man, the rest of his team mates came up to him as he sat on a stretcher and held his hand in affectionionate brotherhood and camaraderie with him.

Members of the rival team applauded his bravery from the opposite end and some of them even clapped for him. The player’s mom was right there by his side all along. While most of the year had been a truly pathetic one for the Lakers, their kismet changed when they took the services of Randle on board their team. Randle had led the Calipari’s Wildcats on to victory and he would have made the Los Angeles Lakers days different had he been given half a chance. But his injury became the bone of contention in between the whole deal.   

All the high expectations and high hopes of the Lakers were dashed to the ground with the tragic loss of this player who was the best of the best. Randle was the most toughest and physically competent of specimens. Yet the team used him in a very selective and sparing manner. The original expectation of Randle being the foil to Kobe Bryant was scrapped before it even got off the ground.

Nevertheless, there were such extreme plans underway thanks to Randle on the run for the Lakers. But now it seems it has all been sunk into the quicksand thanks to the injury that he has incurred while playing. Randle was put to the grindstone and that pressure proved to be too much. He is supposed to be a replacement for Kobe Bryant. And this impossibility of sorts could have become possible. For now at least, the main item on Randle’s agenda is to get better and heal fast as far as his injury is concerned. Most of all Randle has to ensure that his muscles don’t get tired from being in the thick of the competition. 

The coach of the Lakers, Byron Scott, has these words of encouragemnt and challenge for Randle. He wants him to recuperate and really rest well so that he can take on the big ones on the playing court where every second counts. The stress of basketball can really get to you. So you have to be ready to bend like the willow instead of breaking like the oak (no pun intended).

Praying for a speedy recovery young fella.. Keep yo head up @juliusrandle30 I hate injuries ..

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Yet the Lakers will do what they can for each other with or without Randle on the team. And though the times are lean for them, they have no other choice but to carry on without their star player by their side. It will be extra difficult since it is almost like trying to fly with one wing tied behind your back. But that is the price they will have to pay for the problem that has come up.  

Meanwhile, Bryant and Boozer will be depended upon in the absence of Randle. They are the mainstay for now and the best the Lakers have got for better or for worse.  

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