Microsoft will release Office 16 in the Second Half of Next Year

Microsoft will release Office 16 in the Second Half of Next Year

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Microsoft will release its Office 16 sometime in the second half of next year. Mac preview of Office 16 and Android tablet versions are expected soon.

Microsoft has its priorities in the right place. Its Office 16 is going to be coming out by the second half of next year. The GM of Office and Office 365 Marketing shared the nitty gritty on the latest release date.

The newer versions of Exchange Server and SharePoint Server are due round about this time on the calendar. The further installment of Lync and Skype are to be announced too. Whatever the case, the date that will get decided for many of the new features will be close to the second half of 2015.

As for Office 13, it was released in 2012. Novel editions of its apps and services are released every two to three years. Microsoft is doing what it can with regard to its facilities. As for Microsoft’s tablet, it will come on store shelves soon. Microsoft’s conference is set for /4/2015.   

The next version of Office will have several sparkling additions to it. Besides the Quick Access Toolbar, there will be quite a few other amenities worth your while. Microsoft has always been a big name in the world of computing and computer science.

It all began with an inspirational thought in the mind of Bill Gates. And undoubtedly for a long time, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. That is because he provided the world with a tool that was so effective in getting things done that it was adopted in a wholsale manner by billions of people.

Today when we see such built-in obsolescence as different versions of Microsoft, we have to put up with this inconvenience because of the obvious reason that we hae become so dependent upon the computer and its corollaries.

It is almost as if humanity is using this modern era as a last ditch stand to get capitalism to grant all of its wishes. This is in a way what it was all about. The end of history is well nigh and the function of everything was nothing but a heaven of capitalism.    

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