Jurassic World Trailer shows Galaxy Gear, Dinosaurs and Chris Pratt

Jurassic World Trailer shows Galaxy Gear, Dinosaurs and Chris Pratt

  • Jurassic World Trailer is Out.

Fans of this dinosaur movie can finally rest now as the trailer is finally out.

The Jurassic Park franchise was a huge success and it seems that the reason for ‘Jurassic World’. Well for Samsung at least it seems the movie is bringing good news. During the trailer we see a glimpse of the Samsung’s smart-watch, Galaxy Gear, which is being worn as a radar display, according to The Verge

However it seems some people are not happy with the trailer at all. These include the science-minded people who have lashed out at the inaccuracies of this dinosaur movie. The author of the book ‘My Beloved Brontosaurs’, Brian Switek, tweeted that the movie’s super-intelligent dinosaur should not have thumbs. 

Morgan Jackson, a blogger and insect nerd from Canada tweeted “Dear #JurassicWorld, Entomologists are real. We’re actually quite nice. Please ask us why mosquitoes /= crane flies”, it shows that Morgan is not at all happy about the crane fly that is seen trapped in amber, when it had to be a mosquito. 

A zoologist who specializes in dinosaurs, Darren Naish, is upset at the decision of the filmmakers of not including feathered dinosaurs. According to Gizmodo, he is also angry at not showing the correct teeth and tongue of a dinosaur. Well it seems these science guys have taken it too seriously. It’s a fictional movie after all, so relax guys!

The Jurassic World fans are in for another treat apart from the dinosaurs and that is the new actor. Chris Pratt has been secured by Universal Pictures in the lead role. Chris Patt has been wanted by many filmmakers as recently his movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was a super hit and since then his fame level has increased many folds. 

Pratt’s character Own arrives on the scene partway through the trailer after it has been established that John Hammond’s theme park with real dinosaurs has become a reality. Even after the criticism by the science people the trailer of ‘Jurassic World’ has created a lot of hype and anticipation. It will be released in the summers of 2015. 

Watch the official trailer of Jurassic World below,

Even though people will definitely miss, Dr. Ellie Sattler it is no reason that Jurassic World would fail. To fill the vacuum we have Chris Pratt and especially after his performance in the Guardians of the Galaxy he has become a renowned name. Bryce Dallas Howard is also promising and will play as the severely styled megalomaniacal scientist. 

Plus we all know that dinosaurs are still cool and we are going to enjoy the action that Chris Pratt will have with these beasts of nature. Plus Jurassic World is definitely going to attract many old fans plus new but the filmmakers must keep in mind that the movie should not be only about making money but reviving the interest in this franchise. 

Director Colin Trevorrow does have a hard job ion his shoulders and it seems he would actually do great. This fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series should actually be worth watching and old fans should not miss it at any cost. 

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