Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty of Assaulting a Photographer

Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty of Assaulting a Photographer

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Justin Bieber is guilty of assaulting a photographer with his ATV. He is also liable to incrimination due to his haphazard driving skills.

Boys will be boys, bad boys! So sang Madonna once upon a time. Well, Justin Bieber fits the bill to a T. The rambunctious lad pled guilty recently in his native land of Canada to an ATV rampage that left a photographer shaken to the core. He was apparently riding on an ATV with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. A long time after the event, he appeared in court via Skype. 

The young adult pop star is charged with reckless driving and assault on one of the paparazzi that follow him around. The whole incident occurred during the summer months of 2014 when Bieber was riding an ATV with girlfriend Selena. He crashed it into a photographer’s minivan. The photographer was sneakily taking shots of Justin and Selena. 

The magistrate warned Bieber that there was something to learn from the close call he had had with the law. For one thing, he ought to think twice before acting on his impulses. But Bieber has gotten off easy this time around.

He only had to shell out a petty amount…$750 to be exact, according to TMZ. There was no need for him to spend time behind bars. The nosey photographer won’t be that nosey the next time he goes around taking photographs. 

Bieber’s lawyer settled matters with the judge. It was generally acknowledged that it was not entirely Bieber’s fault and that the blame could not be pinned on him alone. The pesky shutterbug was way off-limits in his behavior too.

If Bieber was guilty of assault and aimless maneuvering of a vehicle, the photographer too was guilty of venturing into a territory where he had no right to be trespassing in the first place. But Bieber has proven once again that he can’t help keeping out of trouble thanks to his raging male hormones. 

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