Justin Bieber Shows Strong Abs on the Cover Of Men’s Health

Justin Bieber shows strong abs on The Cover Of Men’s Health

Peter Hapak / Men’s Health
  • Justin Bieber goes Shirtless Yet Again
  • But This Time for Men’s Health

Justin Bieber is working hard and Men’s Health magazine wanted him shirtless on the cover of their magazine.

Justin Bieber who has millions of fans and millions of haters, says that he is ready to grow up. Men’s Health magazine spent two days with the musical prodigy in LA. And now he is the April’s cover of the magazine.

The pop star admitted to the magazine that he has made some mistakes and he is aspiring to be a class act in the future. He also said that there is a part of him which he doesn’t want to grow up. He said that he wants to have a sense of purity inside of him.

Justin said that he has been working out for quite some time and now his shoulders don’t fit into some things. He also believes that he is always on the public’s eyes. He believes that it is almost like he grew up for the public.

He believes he has changed a lot. He has done a complete 180 as just a year from yesterday he was in jail. Justin also said that he likes to be in a relationship because he is a relationship guy and he likes to have a real connection.

Men’s Health magazine asked him about any surprising talents and he said that he could solve a Rubik’s cube in a minute. When asked about what makes a woman sexy, Justin said that a tank top and Jean shorts make them sexy.

He also said that people think that he is self-centered which is a big misconception. When asked about his romance crushes he said that he likes Ben Affleck. He believes his vibe is cool. He said that he was going to get a LL tattoo on his chest. LL stands for ‘When you’re Low, Lift’.

He believes we often want to keep our heads down but we should lift our heads. The digital magazine for April will be available on 10th March. Bill Philips almost dismissed the idea of Justin Bieber being on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. Then Bill talked to Justin’s publicist and she said that Justin is trying to rebuild his image and he wants people to look at him as a grown up. 



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