Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid ships in Q2

Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid ships in Q2

Hong Kong smartwatch company will show its final production version of their mechanical smartwatch at the BaselWorld 2015.

Kairos Watches is finally ready to show its fully functional and final production mechanical smartwatch hybrid watches at the SwissCreativeLab exhibition during Baselworld 2015.

The Kairos hybrid mechanical smart watch integrates a Swiss or Japanese- powered automatic movement with smart watch electronics, ingeniously utilizing a semi-transparent screen that displays smartphone notifications.

The Kairos concept could be the best solution for high-end Swiss watch makers to integrate smart watch functionality.

The Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watch uses a transparent organic LED (TOLED) display. Customers given a choice of color, band, smart watch TOLED display type, and Swiss Soprod or Japanese Miyota mechanical movement. The smart watch is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, with actionable notifications through Android Wear coming in the third quarter of 2015.

The Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watch is not rendered useless if the rechargeable battery, though lasting for 2-3 days per charge. But if the battery runs out there is still the mechanical Soprod or Miyota automatic movement that still tells time.

Kairos offers also a smart wrist band. Watches are meant to last and often have significant sentimental value for the owner. The Kairos Watches T-band is a solution for those who want to adapt to modern times without giving up the essence of their watch by embedding smart watch technologies into the band of the watch.

There will be three variants for the T-band: the fitness-friendly and classy T-Band ND (No Display), the subtly informative T-Band HD (Hidden Display), which displays notifications but hides away when off, and the powerful T-Band OD (PMOLED Display), which incorporates a curved PMOLED display to richly mirror notifications. The T-Band strap is compatible with most lug ends, modernizing even the most classic of watches. All three T-band models have optical heart rate sensors, will feature NFC for mobile payments, and are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Staying connected is all in the wrist with the Kairos app, which connects your watch to your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone smartphone. Messages, emails, calls, and social media notifications are pushed to your timepiece so you’ll never miss a beat. Camera functions and music playback can be controlled remotely through the watch, and pre-set text messages can be sent when your hands are tied up. Kairos Watches will keep track of every step you take towards your fitness goals with activity and sleep tracking powered by Misfit®. The T-band, with its optical heart rate sensor and galvanic skin response sensor (T-band ND only), will provide a more holistic view of your health.

The first batch of Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watches will ship to preorder customers in the second quarter of 2015.

In association with SwissCreativeLab Kairos Watches will be exhibiting at Messe Basel Exhibition Centre, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel 30th floor SkyLounge from 19-26 March 2015.

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