Kate McKinnon Justin Bieber Spoof on SNL is hilarious

Kate McKinnon Justin Bieber Spoof on SNL is hilarious

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Kate McKinnon did a Justin Bieber Spoof on SNL for his Calvin Klein ad campaign.

SNL participant Kate McKinnon did a spoof of Justin Bieber which parodied his Calvin Klein ad in which he recently participated. McKinnon can be seen in the ad saying “this tattoo made me say Owee”.

Among the other stupid stuff that Kate does /4/be included sipping on juice, taking off her pants and weeping while a razor scooter is close by. The SNL session began with a whole lot of spoofs and stand up comedians showing the world what they had in the way of talent.

The Calvin Klein ad featuring Justin was generating a lot of buzz thanks to his package. The result was that Kate appeared in the spoof saying that “yo my pee-pee’s in there”. This was a little vulgar though.

Kate McKinnon should have shown more reserve and a modicum of prudence. After all, despite the Zeitgeist being very open and out-and-out flaunting its dirty linen in public, such words are a bit on the risqué side. She also said that she was a big boy now. All this was meant to diss Justin Bieber. 

Then, shock of all shocks, she had the audacity to say that “my Calvins, clothes for my big wiener.” Of course she had a swollen genital region in imitation of Justin’s Calvin Klein underwear ad. There is an inside joke somewhere among the spoof’s innards.

Justin Bieber had pulled a prank on SNL writer John Mulaney before and now it was his turn to get even. The parody ended up attracting a lot of comments from the positive to the negative and the offbeat.

If you actually see Bieber’s ad photos before and after being photoshopped, there is a hell of a difference. In the before image there is simply a gangly youth without any muscles or modeling chops.

But in the after image there is so much muscle added on that you will be surprised to see him pumped out to be twice his original self. Such marketing hype and advertising phoniness can only cause falsehood and cheap tawdriness to flourish in society.

How can a chap who is nothing but a second rate cheapster from Canada be portrayed as the equivalent of Marky Mark. This is unfair not only to Marky but to Bieber as well.   

Everybody knows that Justin’s images as he is boxing and posing in the same manner as Mark Wahlberg cannot live up to the memory of the latter. It just cannot hold the candle to the legend that was Marky Mark.

Justin Bieber deserves a spoof by Kate McKinnon since he probably made a fool of himself anyways. If the spoof made fun of him then he deserves to be made fun of for his fake double acting. Why cannot Justin be more of a good role model for Americans.

As a Canadian export, he should show some respect for his origins and try and leave a positive impression on Yanks. But there have even been attempts at ostracizing him from American society back to his Canadian homeland via political process.

Wow, crazy. Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad before and after photoshop. (Made by the great @eppyad)

A video posted by CHRIS KELLY (@chriskellyinstagram) on

Finally, by the time this washed-up pop star who is known for his bad boy ways decided to seek the help of Calvin Klein to boost his image it was too late. His rep as a trouble maker and general mischief maker has been confirmed.

From drunk driving and the usage of drugs all the way to sucking on the nipple of a stripper, Justin has seen it all and done it all. Kate McKinnon Justin Bieber spoof on SNL will not harm him in fact but rather harm itself since Justin will be more of a mudslinger in this copycat behavioral repertoire. 

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