Katie Holmes Finally talks about her Separation from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Finally talks about her Separation from Tom Cruise

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Katie Holmes who is known as a private person has finally spoken about her broken marriage.

KKatie Holmes, 35, got married to Tom Cruise seven years back. Both of them were regarded as an ideal couple when they got together. However they filed for divorce in the year 2014 and she was waiting for it to get finalized.

Katie stayed silent for almost two years about her broken marriage. However, recently she has given an exclusive interview about her life without Cruise. She said that she did not have any fear these days. She also said that she had not set any rules for herself nor did she take herself seriously after her separation.

She also added that she felt that finally she was ready for something new in her life. She thought that she was looking forward to the new challenges in her life as well. She said that she has signed many projects and will be doing a lot of work in the film industry from now on. She is set for her directorial debut in a month or so. She said that she had separated from Cruise two years back but now they have both moved on.

While talking about her marriage, she said that she did not want that moment in her life. She said that she wanted an escape from that memory. She said that she did not want that moment to define her personality. She further shared the fact that she was an actor before she got married and will always remain one.

She said that being a single mom was a new experience. Holmes is a mother of an 8-year-old girl Suri. She said that her daughter meant everything to her. She said that she had been learning since she became a mother. While talking about her marriage, she said that every time things are not supposed to work like the way we plan them. She said that her marriage did not go smoothly. 

Holmes was a famous actress before marrying Cruise. She was a hit TV actress and had worked in many movies as well. She worked in some other movies after her marriage which included the Batman series movie. However she started working less and less after she got married to Cruise who was married twice before marrying Holmes. After her divorce, it was seen that Holmes had isolated herself and she was nowhere to be seen.

Holmes said recently that now she was ready to take new challenges in her career. She will play the role of Jackie Kennedy in the miniseries named “The Kennedys”. While talking about different roles, she said that playing a real mom’s role in life was a difficult one. 

She also revealed that she was not dating anybody yet. She said that she is patient. It looks like she is up for facing another love interest in her life as well. She is currently living in New York and California. She said that she had some amazing friends and people with whom she lived.

Sources: People , E! News

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