Katy Perry Discusses Arizona Childhood and Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show

Katy Perry Discusses Arizona Childhood and Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show

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  • The Arizona Republic interviewed Katy Perry on Jan. 9.
  • Perry will perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1.
  • Her special guest is Lenny Kravitz.

International recording artist Katy Perry sat down for an interview with The Arizona Republic’s Ed Masley on Jan. 9 to discuss her memories of Arizona and her upcoming Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show performance on Feb. 1.

Unknown to many, international recording artist Katy Perry spent part of her childhood in Arizona.

The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show performer sat down for an interview with The Arizona Republic’s Ed Masley on Jan. 9 to discuss her childhood, her preparation for the biggest musical event of the year and all things Katy Perry. 

Masley first asked Perry about her childhood. She reveals she used to live in the Scottsdale area:

“It’s so funny. I used to live in Scottsdale. So I have little hometown vibes there. I went to Paradise Valley Christian School in kindergarten and first grade. Mrs. Dalton was my first-grade teacher and that’s when I started becoming a conscious adult (laughs). So yeah, I have a lot of memories there. I remember it always being so extremely hot. But I also lived in Lake Havasu, actually. So I’ve lived in a couple places in Arizona. 

“But Scottsdale has always been a really beatiful place in my mind. I have hiked Camelback Mountain. You are talking to a Super Bowl performer who has hiked your mountain. So I know about you guys a bit.”

Masley then asks Perry if performing in Arizona produces a special feeling:

“Maybe a little bit, yeah. I guess there would be a little bit. And I’m really happy, selfishly, that it’s gonna be in Arizona because you don’t really have any surprises via the weather. Like, if I was on the East Coast, God knows what kind of Plan B, C, D, E, F, G I’d have to put into place day of. So we like you and your weather.”

Masley goes into the heart of the matter, inquiring about Perry’s plans for her Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show:

“Concentrated Katy (laughs). My show that I brought to Phoenix was two hours and 10 minutes long. But in 12-and-a-half minutes, I just kind of have to pick the best songs, maybe the songs that are most familiar, the songs that are anthems of sorts, and condense them and make a medley of some and hand you a few surprises on the way. I’m not gonna show you all my cards until the day of.

“We are doing a mash-up of a few, so quite a few.

“I think you can bet that I’ll be playing ‘Roar’ and I’ll be playing ‘Firework.’ I would never leave those songs out because they have in some ways been the songs that have bookended my career. ‘Firework’ being off of ‘Teenage Dream‘ and ‘Roar’ being off of ‘Prism,’ the latest record. And I’ll actually play something from my first record, ‘One of the Boys.’ But I’ve only had three records. And a lot of songs in between.”

On the issue of guest performers, Perry gave an affirmative response to The Arizona Republic:

“Yes, of course. Everybody does that. And I want to take advantage of that. I want to take advantage of everyone losing it for my special guest. And I have thought about this one for a while. There were a couple of names I tossed around and this one really stuck. I thought OK, it’s time for this person to have their shine again.”

Perry then tells Masley what it means to her to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX:

“It means I’ve outdreamt my dream and I’m in the best way scared of all the things I’ve manifested in my life. But I know that I would say so much of it is because of the hard work that I apply in my life. When I was 9 and had this dream of being who I am now, I would have never ever thought in a million years that it would take this much hard work and dedication and really intense focus.

“Because getting to the top is one thing. And it seems like in this day and age, with the Internet, you put up the right picture, you say the right thing, you get one song on your Soundcloud  and all the sudden, you’re famous. Or you’re successful. It’s not about that. It’s about staying at that level.

“And when you get to the top, it’s even 100 times harder to stay there. So I always want to check in with myself and make sure that I’m being authentic in my music and my message and the lyrics, that I’m remembering why music was so important to me when I was young, because it was the friend that understood me. It was speaking the language that I needed to hear for whatever situation I was going through. It made me feel not so alone. And that’s the kind of music I want to write. I want to connect people.”

Two days after her interview with Masley, Perry revealed to NBC’s Willie Geist during the AFC Divisional Round game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens that her special guest for her halftime show on Feb. 1 is no other than rock n’ roll legend Lenny Kravitz, per E! News‘ Mike Vulpo (via Today.com):

“My first special guest is going to be an incredible rock n’ roll icon, a guitar god. I’m going to have Lenny Kravitz on the show!

“He’s got so much style. He’s the coolest. He’s the king of cool. He’s going to make me so much cooler that day.”

I4U News will again bring you full coverage of the Super Bowl 2015 Ads. Super Bowl 2015 will take place on February 1, 2015 in Arizona. The Super Bowl XLIX game will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. NBC is broadcasting Super Bowl 2015. The Super Bowl Halftime Show will be performed by Katy Perry. The constantly updated Super Bowl Ads List is tracking all Super Bowl ads.



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