Katy Perry Lawyers send Notice to Left Shark Printers

Katy Perry Lawyers send Notice to Left Shark Printers

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Katy Perry’s lawyers have sent a notice to Fernando Sosa telling him to cease and desist the 3D printing of the Left Shark figurine that was featured in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance.

Katy Perry was the star to perform at the halftime of Super Bowl. She revived summer season in the cold February of Oregon by ramping the entire stage with a beach theme. The theme included palm trees, beach balls, surf boards and the animated sharks that danced behind Katy as she sung Teenage Dream with all her heart and soul.

There was a slight hitch with the sharks though. The Right Shark danced really great but the Left Shark got a little lopsided and even then, it kept dancing. Who doesn’t like a klutz these days? The Left Shark became the theme of many memes. The creative at heart took the chance to make it a character for their funny imagination.

Fernando Sosa, who has been using 3D printing to print political characters and figurines, liked the idea of Left Shark. He has been known to print unique pieces of political figures before which he then sells online.

It includes a link that can be accessed to print a 3D figurine of the left shark. Within few days, Left Shark has become a phenomenon. It can be considered a memento that signifies this year’s Super Bowl.

A certain someone does not like the publicity the Left Shark received. Reportedly Katy Perry, in whose act the Left Shark was originally featured sent a letter to Sosa and Shapeways (the company from which Sosa sells his work) via her lawyers.

The letter was a warning to the manufacturers and distributors of the Left Shark figurines to ‘cease and desist’ their work of distributing Left Shark in market. They also took down the sites where the links for 3D printing are available.

According to the letter, the lawyers have implied that the sharks were originally part of the creative team at Katy’s performance. The sharks were a copyrighted product of Katy’s performance.

Their marketing and distribution without proper permission was a copyright violation. Such violation was punishable by certain decree in punitive damages and legal course of action against the distributors.

Hapsboro encouraged people by printing the Left Shark quickly before they shut down the site as well. Sosa admitted that the lawyers had been scarier than the political figurines that he had been printing. He has expressed he will be printing those once more as this experience hadn’t panned out for him so well.


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