Samsung Galaxy S6 will be as Thin as an Apple iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be as Thin as an Apple iPhone 6

Credit: Keulriang
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a Dual-edged Smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 will be 6.91 mm Thin

The new images that have been leaked reveal that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 includes an Edge-styled screen variant of the smartphone.

The leaked images basically show five different variants of the highly anticipated Galaxy S6 which will be Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. Well the Galaxy S6 isn’t expected to be formally launched until the Samsung Unpacked event which will be held on March 1.

However these leaked images have given us some idea about what we can expect from this new smartphone by Samsung. The image basically shows five phones in what appears to be a 3D render.

Keulriang (via Sammobile) posted these new leaked images. The first image on the left side shows a standard Galaxy S6 while the second is the phone with a Verus-branded cover which is one of the top South Korean smartphone cover makers.

Plus the fourth and fifth handsets in the image show that Samsung /4/also introduce an Edge version of the S6. This version depicts the sloped-screen design of the Galaxy Note Edge.

Moreover the fourth phone in the image shows that the right side is edged while the fifth shows that the left side is edged. Now this could mean two things, one both the sides are wrapped by the display or second, that Samsung will be making different versions for right and left handed people. 

Apart from the difference on which side there is an edge, the fifth phone in the image also shows a metallic and thick looking bezel, as well as a physical home button. Even with these leaked images we are not sure whether the Galaxy S6 and its edged brother are fully metal or whether it will be a unibody design. However it is clear from the image that the outer rims are metal just like the previous Galaxy S5. 

Sources have also revealed that South Korean smartphone case makers are already indulged in mass producing cases for the S6 and its edged version based on the phones themselves and metal molds of them provided by Samsung.

In addition to this some Samsung insiders have also revealed to ZDNet that the Edge version of the Galaxy S6 will be dual-edged and the edged sides will be symmetrical along with using aluminum in its production. 

Keeping in mind the Galaxy S5, the company is not quite happy with its performance as it did not keep up to the sales of the Galaxy S4. According to sources the company has sold nearly 40 percent fewer Galaxy S5 smartphones than expected.

So it seems that this time around Samsung would have worked pretty hard while developing the Galaxy S6. Sad news for Samsung is that its profits and revenues have been declining and this is something the company is worried about.

Let’s hope that this time around the Galaxy S6 makes an impact on the smartphone users. Well with all the competition out there it seems quite impossible but Samsung has always given the customers something new. 


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