Katy Perry will sing at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Katy Perry will sing at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show



The pop star, Katy Perry will be singing for the halftime show at the Pepsi Super Bowl.

The fact was proclaimed that Katy Perry will be headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX halftime show which is due at the start of February. Katy herself affirmed that she was going to be performing for the event soon. She said so via a tweet. And she is currently observing the match between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

Katy is at present in Australia. The Pepsi ad will feature Perry’s song titled Firework. The halftime show at the Super Bowl is viewed with eager anticipation throughout the world. It has 115 million viewers in the United States alone.

Perry has a pretty good record of churning out #1 hits such as I Kissed a Girl and Hot’n’Cold. Her California Girls and Firework not to metion Last Friday Night have sold in the millions. Katy’s current album is titled Prism. Perry’s single Roar from her album Prism is one of those unforgettable numbers that just remain with you all your life.

This song has gone on to break records. All her fans will be psyched to listen to what she has to show at the halftime in the Pepsi Super Bowl. Besides Perry, there are several others who have earned enough fame to be welcomed aboard the Super Bowl halftime show.

They include in their ranks: Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Madonna, The Who, Bruce Springsteen. Tom Petty, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and U2. As for Pepsi, it has a contract with the NFL according to which its products will be shown in commercial form alongside the performances by various artists. 

Coming back to the topic from which we digressed, Katy Perry will shake, rattle and roll before the audience during her performance. She is known to put up quite a show. Katy already has some awesome ideas as far as decorating up the whole place is concerned.

She plans to use glitter all over the stadium and, believe it or not, the glitter will be edible. Katy will probably nail this performance since she has tons of confidence and self esteem. Her moves are funky and saucy. She sure knows how to entertain with enthusiasm and energetic style.

The next thing is that her music appeals to a wide audience that includes everyone from youngsters to senior citizens. Then there is the sheer theatricality of her performances which provides a solid kick to the viewers.

Her ensembles and stage props are electrifying. Everyone will be looking forward to seeing Katy shake her booty on stage at the Pepsi Super Bowl half time for sure.   

Sources: NFL , CNN

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