Kelly Osbourne Shuts Down Rumors about her Pregnancy

Kelly Osbourne Shuts Down Rumors about her Pregnancy

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Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy’s daughter, shut down rumors regarding her supposed pregnancy at the Grammys 2015 with a sharp rebuke on Twitter.

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne told the wagging tongues to shut their traps at the Grammy Awards 2015 regarding her being preggers. Kelly with her usual purple hairdo and plump figure especially seemed to have a baby bump in her designer gown that trailed behind her.

Her voluptuous figure prompted many to comment on Twitter that she must be knocked up. But Kelly was having none of it. She shoots from the hip as is her style. She used an offensive and vulgar curse word and told her detractors to shut their traps since she had a back brace and needed to take a dump in the toilet.

This was a double innuendo by the mistress of sharp verbal delivery. Kelly /4/be right and the media /4/be wrong this time around. There was voices of dissent heard alongside those congratulating her on her pregnancy.

Many said that she was not wearing appropriate clothes on Fashion Police.

But of course, Kelly frankly doesn’t give a damn. She is one cool classic lady of style. 

Kelly wore a bluish black dress with white polka dots on it at the Grammy Awards 2015. The gown was indeed a hip-hugging number which provoked many to label her as heavy with child.

But Kelly was quick to take offense and she dissed all the rumors on her Twitter account.

Had Kelly been in a family way surely Ozzy and his wife who were her parents would have known. But there were no signs from them regarding her babyhood status. Kelly has been in feuds with many before.

#SneakPeekOfMyDress @csiriano #Grammys #ERedCarpet #LRC

A photo posted by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on /2/8, 2015 at 11:48am PST

She once had a spat with Christina Aguilera which left both sides pretty pissed off. Ozzy who has a son and a daughter (Kelly) raised both his children in a permissive way. But that does not mean he didn’t put up any standards for them.

The program The Osbournes made a hefty amount of profit on television. Kelly belongs to true rock star pedigree. She wouldn’t dare go against the wishes of her parents despite her carefree and casual upbringing.

Kelly Osbourne sticks to the rules and /4/bend them a little from time to time but seldom does she break them completely. So just FYI she is not pregnant. Sorry! But that is the way it is for now!


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