Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon welcome a Baby Boy

Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon welcome a Baby Boy

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The famous singer Kelly Rowland gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday at 1:30pm.

The famous singer, Kelly Rowland, along with her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their first son on November 4th, 2015. Both the parents were really looking forward to this day. Kelly gave birth to a baby boy at 1:30 pm on Tuesday. 

After the birth Kelly gave a statement in which she said that we are really happy and thrilled at the prospect of having our first son. Today is a day of extreme pride for us and we can’t explain how happy we are. She also said that I want my fans to know that my son is healthy and happy. 

Early this year, Kelly told people that the proud father, Tim Witherspoon has already picked out the name for the baby. She said that the dad has already decided the name. In addition to this she also said that the name has something to do with the family dynasty. 

The 33 year old star revealed her baby bump for Elle magazine last month in a series of poses. She was very excited about the idea of carrying a human body inside her. While talking to Elle magazine she said that she took birthing classes and she was astonished and amazed by all the things she learned there.  

Kelly said that the woman explained birthing and all that the body does naturally. Rowland also said that there was nothing embarrassing or ugly about it and she does not understand why one should not be proud of it. 

The star also informed the reporters that during her pregnancy she has been really taking care of her nutritional intake and has followed a healthy regime. She told them that she knows, sometimes it is difficult to control your cravings, but since she wanted an easier delivery, she had to curb her cravings.

In addition to do this, she said that all the women she had talked to told her that engaging in a workout is very important. It makes the delivery easy and speedy. Exercise is one thing that really helps so no matter what, don’t leave your exercise routine, according to Rowland. 

The couple got married earlier this year in Costa Rica after a very long engagement. They had a low key romantic ceremony. Kelly’s mother, Tina Knowles, Beyonce, her sister, Solange and band member Michelle Williams were the main guests at the wedding ceremony. 

The world came to know about her wedding, when she announced the news during an interview on the Queen Latifah Show. She told her fans that Tim had proposed to her via Skype. She said that they were talking on Skype, in fact, they were staring at each other and suddenly Tim asked her. And she said yes. She also told her admirers, that Tim is her best friend and it is a blessing to have him as her life partner. 

During another interview, Kelly said that she will be pulling double duty now as she has to care for both her baby, Titan Jewell along with her newlywed husband. Jokingly she added that she now has two babies to take care of rather than one. 

Sources: People , HollywoodLife

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