Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Let Things play out a Little Longer

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are on each others Side

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  • Kendra Wilkinson defends Hank Baskett.
  • She calls leaked tape a “Straight Setup.”
  • Kendra says she is now “More on Hank’s Team.”

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are definitely on each others side as far as the infidelity of the latter is concerned. Kendra has it in her to forgive and see where things go from here onwards.

After listening to the leaked sex tape that audibly proved Hank Baskett’s cheating behavior, his wife Kendra Wilkinson has said that she considers the blackmailer to be more at fault than her husband. This is a case of the mischief maker being labeled as the bad guy.

“This is [a] straight setup and if anybody’s listening to this and thinking, ‘oh, he’s guilty,’ who’s the one guilty? The one that’s setting up this blackmail,” Kendra Wilkinson told E! News. “That’s the one who should be in jail right now.”

Kendra, who almost divorced her hubby, said that she had a heart that beat in her chest and that was the reason behind the forgiveness that she had shown Hank. He /4/have been at fault but the way some people were looking forward to their split, it seemed that the media wanted to estrange the couple more than it wanted them to patch up matters.

“I actually didn’t even care. It was nothing,” she confessed after admitting that she listened the leaked tapes herself. “It didn’t even do anything. It didn’t make anything worse. It was just recycled crap.”

She continued, “It was premeditated. I feel like celebrities right now have a big target on their heads and blackmail is to follow.”

Hank and Kendra had been going steady until the sex scandal came out in the open and disrupted things. Hank had supposedly paid for the sexual services of a transsexual. And as Kendra portrayed the rift between her husband and herself on the reality TV show Kendra on Top, she started wavering between a divorce and rapprochement. 

Finally after much dilly dallying she chose to forgive him albeit with certain conditions. Kendra wants to test the matrimonial waters before she takes the next step. She is willing to wait it out and see if Hank falls in line. If he tries to cheat her again, she will proceed to give him some short shrift. 

The person who engaged in the hanky-panky with Hank has said that he is basically a liar and will go after someone else afterwards. Such are the values of married men! But Kendra is playing it smart and willing to show some patience for the sake of preserving her family. 

“I’m not making a rash decision, divorcing or staying with him,” she said. “I’m trying to let things happen naturally, let things play out a little longer.”

“I found myself in a position where it came down to literally a signature for the divorce to go through and something held me back. Something a bit more powerful pulled me away from doing that and the power I believe is my heart.”

Meanwhile, Hank Baskett was spotted doing a ton of shopping at the supermarket for his family. And according to Radaronline, he had his wedding band on his wrist thus lending credence to the fact that he is still in Kendra’s good books. But Kendra did make a very angry speech against her hubby recently on the show. She held up a trophy which was dedicated to Hank and said that she would smash it in his head.  

According to People, in the next episode of Kendra On Top, Kendra is coming down hard on Hank Baskett. She says: “You are not wanted in this house.” Is she going to divorce Baskett? Apparently she is getting close. Watch the clip below of the upcoming new episode.

About Kendra on Top

WE tv’s original series Kendra On Top is now already in its third season. From her busy home life as a loving wife and mother to her professional responsibilities as a model, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur, Kendra On Top follows the life of Kendra Wilkinson Baskett — part wild child, part global celebrity, part suburban housewife — and a full-time force of nature.

Just five weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Alijah, Kendra’s world is shattered. Hank is accused of having an affair with a transsexual model. Devastated by the incriminations, Kendra struggles to sort out any truth to the tabloid rumors of a tryst that allegedly happened when she was 8 months pregnant. Alone with two children, Kendra finds support from her close friend, Jessica. She attempts a reconciliation with her estranged mother after nearly a year of having no contact. But the question remains… Can Kendra trust Hank, who adamantly claims the accusations are false? With her family’s future at stake, Kendra must decide if she is willing to repair her marriage or begin a new life without Hank. Via WE TV

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