Kim and Kanye Divorce: The 5 Big Reasons for Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Possible Divorce

Kim and Kanye Divorce: The 5 Big Reasons

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There are 5 big reasons behind the possible future divorce of Kim and Kanye. They are given below.

Kim visited her lawyer’s office a week ago or so. She wanted to discuss matters of alimony and money payments that will accrue to her once she splits up with Kanye. The whole thing got started after her nude photoshoot with Paper Mag that had the hashtag Break the Internet attached with it. Seems hubby dear is not too happy with the results of that decision. The two have hardly been married for half a year and now it looks like it is splitsville between the two. Here we give you five solid reasons why they just might call it quits and untie the knot their is no untying after all:

1. In-Fighting:

According to RadarOnline, the two cannot stop fighting since their relationship seems to be more of a commercial enterprise than a pleasure and love bond. To both Kim and Kanye it is all about the money and nothing else. They seem obsessed with wealth as a symbol of everything there is in life. Their arguments have escalated to the point where there is a danger lest the matter come to fisticuffs. Especially, Kim is very worried lest Kanye get carried away as far as concern for financial matters are concerned. 

2. Kim’s Decision despite Momager’s Advice:

Kris Jenner, who is Kim’s mother has advised her not to even think of divorcing Kanye since her split with him will lead to her downfall. Already she has suffered a divorce and this one will be her last. According to RadarOnline, Kim in a last ditch stand asked her mother regarding the divorce she was contemplating and her mother forbade her to do such a thing. But it is Kim’s decision that will matter by the end of the day. 

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3. Childrearing Choices:

According to GossipCop, Kim and Kanye had a row over the disciplining of baby North. Kanye was supposedly tapping his baby girl on the hand and saying no when Kim strolled into the room and started screaming at him for torturing their little daughter at such a young age. The two had quite a shouting match that left them both in an aggravated state at the end. Kim wouldn’t dream of even touching baby North with the slightest intention of harm. 

4. Location is Everything:

Whereas Kim wants their baby daughter growing up in the US of A where there are things like freedom, hamburgers, coke, popcorn, apple pie and baseball, Kanye wants to get out of America as fast as he can and raise his daughter in the South of France. He cites many reasons the biggest one being lack of paparazzi in the land of the French. The secluded atmosphere is one where peace of mind reigns. Yet Kim insists that the only place she is staying put is on American soil. According to Celebritylaundry, her whole life and career are based in the States and so Kanye will just have to go along with what she says or be ready for a split. 

5. Tit for Tat:

After Kanye got back in touch with Amber Rose, his ex-girlfriend, Kim decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. According to Celebritylaundry, she got in touch with Ray J with whom she had made a sex tape in the past. She even went the whole hog and invited him to her birthday bash which took place recently. Kanye was confused and bothered and angry and that was when Kim confronted him by saying that she knew his dirty little secret regarding Amber Rose. The two had a tiff and it seems the air is filled with static. The loose tempers and Kim and Kanye’s oversized egos have gotten in the way of a beautiful life. The two don’t know how to behave as mature and stable adults and bicker over the smallest of issues like two squirrels over a nut. 

Well, those were the big 5 and they show that the most meaningless reasons will suffice for a divorce in the West. This intolerance /4/have a lot to do with these celebs being raised as brats and spoilt children by their parents. Then when they grow up they are rotten individuals who are selfish to the core. 

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