Oscar Isaac is the New Villain in X-Men: Apocalypse

Oscar Isaac is the New Villain in X-Men: Apocalypse

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Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to play the role of villain ‘Apocalypse’ in the new X-Men Apocalypse movie.

The heroes in the X-Men movies have always been great. Some movies cast their movies in a way that you start to hate the villains whereas the X-Men movies have always displayed their characters in a fashion that you love them and you don’t want them to die in the end of the movie.

That is why another great actor, Oscar Isaac has been chosen as a villain in the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie. We can easily say that the villains have always been as popular as the heroes that play in the movie. So we have seen that whenever villains are actors that people love, the movie is a great hit because the heroes are already the people that are popular amongst fans.

When the likes of Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence play villain characters, it becomes really hard to dislike them. So that is why the X-Men production makes sure that they capture high profile stars. So the makers of the movie have made sure that they are going to make a hit film by hiring Oscar Isaac.

The movie is surely going to rank right there on the top with other X-Men movies. The movie is set to feature in 2016 and a release date has also been given. The movie is going to come out on /4/27th 2016.

The new Star Wars movie is also set to feature Isaac. The title of the new Star War movie is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Oscar Isaac is going to become a big star by the year 2016 and his performance in the new X-Men movie is expected to be really good.

So we can see that Isaac is going to attract some attentions and some big names are trying to sign the star. The Coen Brothers recently tried to sign him. Bryan Singer is still thinking about who he is going to sign to play younger versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

A lot of people are still confused about what they are going to get out of the new X-Men movies but they know this at least who they’re going to be fighting in the new movies. Oscar Isaac is just a wonderful addition to the X-Men family and his build, frame and physicality is going to make the fans fall in love with him.

He is playing Apocalypse and we all know whoever plays him, needs to have a bulky body. People are still wondering how he will be able to play Apocalypse and whether he will be using the motion capture technology.

People are thinking that he would need a major body transformation if he is to play a good role in the movie. Singer said that the new movie that will have Apocalypse, will have more of the mass destruction that X-Men films, to date have not relied upon.

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