Kim K Nude Photo Shoot: Hilarious Memes from #BreakTheInternet to #FixTheInternet

Hilarious Memes on Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photo Shoot

There are quite some hilarious memes on Kim Kardashian’s nude photo shoot that are doing the rounds of the Internet.

As reported earlier, Kim Kardashian poses completely nude for Paper magazine. The cover of the magazine reads: “Break the Internet Kim Kardashian.” The cover looks extremely photo shopped, but it trigged of course a big reaction on social media. Currently, #BreakTheInternet is on second place on the list of top twitter trends and #FixTheInternet is on 4th place whie “Kim K” is also among the top ten twitter trends.

Many photo memes have flooded cyberspace after Kim Kardashian unloaded her big ass on the Internet. These range from the smirkworthy to the laughable to the downright guffaw-inducing. There’s one by Chelsea Handler where she has shown her own ass and and Kim’s juxtaposed next to each other and written “guess which one is real?”…

Then there is one titled Krispy Kim which portrays her butt as a Krispy Kreme Donut. 

Another one shows an entire bicycle stuck up her butt cheeks. Wow! 

A particularly favorite meme depicts her as a group of three lookalike bathing beauties in a river. Her butt being shown as very extra-humongous and crushing the words “break the internet” also made many undergo a belly laugh or two. But the best of the best was one of a horse’s torso affixed behind Kim’s lower back. The ass still looks just as sexy despite being a horse’s. 

A recent pic of the comet which got a probe landing on it for the first time in history also got collaged in place of Kim’s buttocks. There are probably hundreds of memes by now circulating the Net. A pic of an attached twin-potato pair that looks like her ass was another fine example of Kim’s posterior. 

The ass cheeks functioning as Homer Simpson’s lips is another meme. 

Two rounded chocolate bits emerging from a chocolate bar also figure in the mixture. 

A cartoon of a peach in place of the famous butt is there as well. Another cartoon depiction of a snail with its butt-like shell is a merry joke too. 

A pic of her butt having two yellow smiley happy faces (one on each cheek) makes us happy despite the incongruity of the image. 

There is a “Tremors” movie meme which shows Kim’s butt emerging along with the giant worms from the subterranean depths. 

Finally there are others many of which will ultimately be forgotten. 

They also include: a butt in place of the turkey for dinner and a pic of Kanye’s face in place of Kim. 

Most of her butt jokes sure proved once and for all that instead of breaking the Internet she has broken a fart or two through that big fat ass of hers. At least as far as social mores and societal conduct is concerned, Kim has proven that she has no sense of propriety and proper values. All the riches and fame in the world will not bring her the one thing most people crave for in today’s digital age: a sense of respect in the eyes of others and the least iota of shame over their erroneous actions! 

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