Kim Kardashian breaks the Internet with Nude Buttocks

Kim Kardashian breaks the Internet with Nude Buttocks

  • Do you want to take a sip of this bootylicious Champagne?

Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian disrobed recently for Paper Mag and revealed the sexiest pair of buttocks on the planet.

Kim Kardashian is a bad girl alright. The KUWTK star and entrepreneur appeared on the front cover of Paper Mag and the title Break the Internet was also emblazoned beneath two other photographs of her which were both drop dead sexy.

According to Paper magazine, one of them showed her in a skintight black leather gown with a popping champagne bottle in her hands. The wine flow goes over her head and enters a goblet placed firmly on her buttocks at the rear end.

The very incongruity and offbeat nature of the pic must have made many a geek and freak laugh. But the other pic is so naughty (but nice) that it gets full marks for showwomanship.

The second pic showed her revealing a luscious peach bottom from behind her as she looks on with come-hither eyes. The title says it all: Break the Internet. She definitely did that with one stroke of her body dynamics. All eyes are on Kim Kardashian at the moment. Kim is a phenomenon of popular culture and she makes the Net go round (literally!)…

The French photographer par excellence, Jean-Paul Goude shot the Champagne Incident photo (that was the first one). But it is the second one that takes the prize. Her fig-shaped figure with the bulbous butt cheeks must have made every male gaze on the face of the earth turn in the direction of those round and ripe watermelons of hers. Kim has a fine ass and she is an official smart ass to boot.

Meanwhile, recently she was caught in the act as she tried to remove something from Kanye’s right eye with her fingers. What would her hubby say about the photo shoot for Paper Mag? Well, we hope that Kanye is broadminded enough to tolerate all those eyes on Kim’s derriere.

The comments on the pic where Kim is removing flotsam and jetsam from Kanye’s eye /4/be taken any way since she is bending over backwards while he is standing up straight. While she labelled it “helping out my baby” the people who visited the site and saw the pic added comments such as “down bitch” which were quite ugly in their level of nastiness. 

On the other hand, her GQ cover had her in three separate states and two of them were in partial (or impartial) undress. While on the cover it was her face that got shown in all its beautiful allure, inside it was the body that got displayed in all its many-splendored goodness. She is a gorgeous hunk of feminine pulchritude…that’s for sure.

With a body of a Venus, she can bedazzle with a mere hint of her smooth naked ankle. But it was much more than an ankle that got showcased inside GQ. In one photo she is reclining in the manner of Cleopatra on a bed while her behind and back not to mention part of a breast are visible.

It is indeed material for all Alpha Male eyes to feast themselves on. And in the other one a side full body shot shows her long lean legs while a boob is almost shown in its entirety minus the nipple of course.

Kim is currently flying high. She is at the height of hr fame and youthful ambitions. And she has not a worry or care in the world since she has so many dollars to burn that anything she picks in the market she can buy at a moment’s notice.

Kim is so rich and famous that she is bigger than Obama. Even Obama recently commented on the situation by saying that in the past kids were not exposed to the lifestyles of people such as Kim but nowadays thanks to the Net such a scenario was not only possible but certain. Kim however is not a big Obama fan.

Obama once called her hubby Kanye a jackass after Kanye jumped on stage and seized the microphone from Taylor Swift. According to UK’s GQ magazine, Kim didn’t like that. She said that he /4/be the president and everything but that did not give him the right to say what he liked about anyone he liked. Who was he to comment on the situation in the first place, says Kim.

“I mean, calling people ‘jackass’?” Kim said. “I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion – even him. I was just like, ‘Why is he even commenting on this?’ OK, sure, just the fact that the president of the United States even knows who I am, and is talking about whether his kids watch our show is pretty cool…” Kim laughs, but is defiant. “He can say whatever he wants. I’m not affected by it.”

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