Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj…who’s got a Bigger Butt???

Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj…who’s got a Bigger Butt???



Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have their respective twin bubbles of flesh protruding from their rear ends. But the question of questions is…who’s got a bigger butt???

While Kim Kardashian’s sensuous and voluptuous buttocks have something about them that escapes categorization, it is said that Nicki Minaj’s derriere is also of humongous proportions. But(t) maybe Nicki’s doesn’t have the same amount of curvy and smooth sexiness that Kim’s does in scads of amounts. It is ultimately like comparing a basketball to a football.

They both have their roundness and their individual beauty but ultimately there is no comparison. One is pale and marble-like while the other one is dark and mysterious. And though Kim is basically known because of her butt which has done her several favors especially with reference to some media attention, Nicki’s comes as a side perk of her job which is making cool rap songs. 

Kim has a 24 hour routine in which every aspect of her life is followed by a frenzied public on KUWTK. And Nicki has her music videos to make where she gets to display that super butt of hers. But in the final analysis, Kim has more need of her butt for it is on show and that is all there is to it.

Nicki has to worry about other things such as composing stacatto rhythm songs that are in synch with the public. Thus you can see that while for one of them (Kim) it is a necessity while for the other one (Nicki) it is a luxury and side effect not to mention beneficial booster shot in the…ahem…arm.

The sizes of both are absolutely huge. But sometimes I think to myself doesn’t Kim’s butt look sleeker and sexier. Actually her butt is so round and spherical that it almost looks like it was created from a block of marble by Michelangelo. Nicki has the advantage that her butt is darker in color and hence more defined.

This phenomenon is well known in bodybuilding circles too where the dark-skinned individuals have an upper hand over their lighter-skinned cousins. Their skin hue makes the contours stand out and also makes them appear more focused from a visual point of view. And so the greater tightness of Nicki’s butt /4/just be an optical illusion after all. 

#PussyOnFleek @vmagazine cover shoot with Mario Testino

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The actual thing that makes several people prefer Kim’s behind is her good looks and Marilyn Monroesque figure. Nicki on the contrary doesn’t have that photogenic a face unless you inundate it in tons of makeup and foundation. And to be very frank indeed Nicki is nowhere as smart as Kim.

Kim’s hourglass figure simply makes her bubble butt appear more delectable and shapely than Nicki’s. The fact that whereas Nicki’s dark flesh makes her butt defined is countered by Kim’s narrow waist. But when you add up the score it all figures. A woman is a woman is a woman a la Gertrude Stein who spoke about a rose in a similar manner.

V Magazine by Mario Testino

Ein von Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) gepostetes Foto on

You can only see it, you don’t have to intellectualize the female butt cheeks to get pleasure out of the thing. After all, the secret lies in the very source of eyesight. A thing of beauty is a joy forever as Keats the romantic poet put it so well. In a way the comparison can be made like Kim’s buttocks being two vanilla ice cream scoops while Nicki’s are two chocolate ice cream scoops.

But on the whole they both maintain their unique and personal rotundity and extreme beauty and attraction. While Kim /4/make you sizzle with her butt, Nicki makes you sweaty with hers. To just look at the butt cheeks of these two ladies…you want to keep on looking in a hypnotized or mesmerized state of hunger.

They are both our postmodern examples of Aphrodites without any nighties. And they exude a raw sexuality and possess tons of the oomph factor that makes them both bad girls that all good men wish and fantasize for in their minds while remaining loyal to their wives on the outside.

Is it any wonder that they are the walking wet dreams of millions – nay billions – of teenagers and grown up men who…well, where would they be without these sources of sheer pleasure beyond measure! So Kim or Nicki???

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses in the butt game in the end since it all lies in how you play the game of titillatingly wiggling that big old butt of yours in the faces of your male audience that is in paroxysms of frenzied (man)ia as a result.  

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