Kim Richards arrested for Public Intoxication

Kim Richards arrested, driven to Drink after viewing RHOBH Reunion

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  • Kim Richards driven to Drink after viewing RHOBH Reunion

The distraught and nervous Kim Richards was driven to drink after viewing the RHOBH reunion video. Or at least that is what she claims is the reason behind her irrational move.

Kim Richards was in a very stressed state when she was taken into custody at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The cast and crew of RHOBH told TMZ that the reality TV actress was having a difficult time handling and juggling all the responsibilities in her life at the moment.

Her ex-hubby was slowly dying due to an advanced stage of cancer. Her son Chad was let go from UCLA a few hours before the incident. Kim is in penury. She has virtually no money to take on life’s responsibilities. And her daughter Brooke’s wedding is due soon.

But the last straw that broke the camel’s back was none other than reliving the episodes of RHOBH that had occurred at her daughter’s house. It just drove her nuts. It drove her crazy. 

The scenes in the reunion were upsetting but it was necessary to view them for blogging purposes. Finally, when Kim Richards had watched the last few scenes, she went berserk. Some of the mean and nasty things said and done on the show had her really riled up.

After Kim left Brooke’s house, she found herself alone at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was drunk as a skunk. A couple of people sitting at a table invited her to sit with them but the maitre d’ would not allow it and had her kicked out.

Kim became reactive and wouldn’t budge which led to the cops being called in to drag her out of the washroom. Among the charges against her are public drunken behavior, trespassing, resisting arrest and kicking a police officer. Hope you get out of this one, Kim! 


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