Kmart Black Friday Reviewed

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Black Friday at Kmart

Black Friday is still a couple of weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start getting prepared now. If you want to get in on the action in the best way possible it is important to have a good understanding about what kinds of deals Kmart is going to have this year, in addition to how they have performed in the past. 2013 was a big year for them, but this year promises to be even bigger.

Kmart might have gotten a bad reputation since they ran into financial trouble and were bought out by Sears in 2005, although you can rest assured knowing that they still offer great deals all year round and even more on Black Friday. Their Blue Light Specials have always been unique, so make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the sales they have on this day that is quickly becoming a National Holiday.

How Kmart Black Friday Works

– Check Out The Black Friday Ads

The ads for Black Friday deals are important for knowing what you plan to pick up once Black Friday arrives. With K Mart especially, however, there are plenty of ads that leak ahead of the actual day, letting you get a leg up on the competition and find out what you plan to buy so that you can save yourself from fighting against the crowds for products that you might not end up purchasing at all.

– Black Friday Doorbusters

KMart, like most retailers now, offers a series of Doorbuster deals that are available as soon as the doors open and these are the things that people line up for. There are deals that happen when the stores initially open on Thanksgiving Day morning, but there are more that will start when they reopen that night after closing for a few hours. People end up taking a nap in line waiting for it, so know that people take K Mart’s door buster deals very seriously.

– What About Online?

KMart’s online shopping experience offers great savings all throughout the year, but on Black Friday they have special deals that they might not offer in the stores. Some companies put the same deals online so that people have more of a chance to pick them up, but Kmart on Black Friday is focused on different people for their online sales. Some of the deals that they offer online are even cheaper than the ones in the stores!

Kmart Black Friday 2013

In 2013, Kmart made a conscious effort to have one of a kind doorbuster deals that could easily compete with any other retailer in the country. Their deals started at 6AM on Thursday, before mot other stores were even open, although they did close for a couple of hours that night to prepare for the shopping that would start on the big day. Shoppers were lined up around the block for the deals that were set to start that night after the stores reopened, hoping to get in on the Doorbuster deals that were priced far below anything that they typically sell throughout the year.

The Kmart Black Friday Sale offered discounts on clothing, electronics, home appliances, and every type of product that they sell. In particular, though, they had deals like:

– 46-inch RCA LED HDTVs for $399 (saving $200)

– Malcolm Bonded Leather couches for $289 (saving $110)

– Diamond bracelets for $99.99

– Verizon Android Smartphones for $19.99 (saving $100)

– Hundreds more deals on everything from clothing to televisions

In 2013 Kmart set new records for their own sales. They saw hundreds of customers lined up hoping to pick up the right gift and this year could see even more people showing up early and waiting to go to battle over huge savings.

Kmart Black Friday 2014 Prediction

Black Friday 2014 promises to be their biggest yet. They have already started offering some sales, but with the big day approaching they are getting ready to offer even larger savings.

– Pre Black Friday

Believe it or not, K Mart didn’t want to wait on Black Friday this year. In fact, they were running Christmas ads already at the beginning of September, already introducing the deals that they are going to have throughout the Holiday Season. What stands out about this is that it can give you an idea of what they will have at even higher discounts once the big day arrives. It might be a little strange to see Christmas commercials in September, but as a Black Friday shopper you should pay close attention.

– Kmart Black Friday 2014

The Kmart Black Friday 2014 Sale will start at 8am on Thanksgiving Day. Kmart stores will stay open through Black Friday night.

There have not been any advertisements out for Kmart yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have somewhat of an idea about the kinds of things that they are going to offer. The pre Black Friday sales can give some clue, but analysts have taken a look at past and present deals and have decided that customers can expect:

– 4K TVs on sale for as low as $500

– iPhone 5 accessories ahead of the release of iPhone 6 will be on sale

– Clothing from all of their most popular brands for up to 70% off

– Home appliances for 50%-60% off

– Hundreds more deals

2014 is largely a mystery, but it is safe to say that clothing and electronics deals will be at the forefront of their strategy. All you have to do is check out the ads, pay attention to Black Friday blogs, and plan out your Black Friday 2014 and you surely won’t leave disappointed.

Black Friday At Kmart

You /4/not immediately think about Kmart when you picture Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the best choices out there. The kinds of deals that they made a name for themselves with are still around and they still remain a strong retailer during the holidays, even if sales are in a slump throughout the rest of the year. Do your research and take advantage of the right kinds of deals and you’ll certainly have plenty of gifts for your loved ones or just new gadgets and products for yourself.


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