Kristen Wiig on Female Comedy and Ghostbusters

Kristen Wiig on Female Comedy and Ghostbusters

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Kristen Wiig is not happy with the ‘Female Comedy’ label in the industry!

Kristen Wiig has been playing funny characters for a large part of her life as a regular on SNL. However the comedy crooner recently worked on a serious role regarding mental illness. In her latest dark comedy film ‘Welcome to Me’ Wiig plays Alice Kleig a mentally disturbed woman with borderline personality disorder who lands a talk show after winning the lottery.

Wigg sat down with Reuters to talk about her upcoming film and her role on Ghostbusters. According to Wigg even though the dark comedy has funny moments the character was portrayed so she doesn’t seem like a funny crazy lady that we only make fun of as the character suffers from the disorder. The character of Alice had to be funny as a person because she does things which are hilarious and respectable at the same time. 

The character Alice provides a view into the world of fame as it /4/seem glittery on the outside but has its own problems. Wiig shared how Alice went from a recluse to a talk show because it felt like the answer to all the problems and a lot of people can relate to that. 

Wiig was also asked upon her views of female comedy and how it has evolved. Wig answered the progress is definitely there as there are more positive projects for women in comedy but the fact people are still talking about it makes it an issue.  

Wiig then shared her thoughts on the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot as the film seems to have an all-female label. Wiig stated why everyone doesn’t simply call it a comedy rather than female comedy like they did with her previously successful film ‘Bridesmaids’. Wiig stated how there is no term such as male comedy and female comedy implies only women will see the film but that is not the case and funny is funny.

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