Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby?

Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby?

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  • Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Tyga’s baby…or not?

According to a recent report Kylie is Pregnant with Tyga’s baby and she is a few weeks along giving Mama Jenner chance to plan for a new show whereas some other reports confirm these rumors to be false.

The June 1 cover of the OK! Magazine has Kylie Jenner featured with the bold print headline, Kylie Pregnant at 17”. The magazine claims that Kylie is pregnant with her boyfriend Tyga’s baby. The couple just got back together after a fight caused by Tyga’s ex and they have been close ever since. According to the magazine sources, Kylie is few weeks along with her pregnancy.

The article claims that Kylie, even just being 17, is ok with being pregnant. She wants to have the baby in the hopes that it will bring her and Tyga closer. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wants to go through with the pregnancy. Reportedly half-sister Khloe Kardashian was the first to hear of the news from the to-be mother who claimed that she wanted the baby and she would be a better mother than Kris Jenner. 

The magazine also justified Kylie’s statement about Mama Jenner by reporting that Kris Jenner was already seeing a financial opportunity in the news. Although shocked by it first, she soon saw the dollar signs in the situation.

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By doing a spin off series about Kylie’s pregnancy and her journey with Tyga will be a definite hit. People will definitely tune in to see how it all turns out putting Kylie and her already complicated situation right in the public eye. So according to the OK! Magazine, Kris Jenner just wants her future grandchild to be a cash cow.

The magazine further casts doubts over Kylie’s mental stability. Supposedly, Kylie and Tyga’s up and down relationship has caused Kylie to believe that being pregnant with his child will commit him to her and they will get married.

Reportedly, Kylie is also planning their wedding and thinks Tyga would not leave her is they have a child together. The magazine said that Kylie might have a bout of amnesia to forget that he left his ex Blac Chyna even when they have a child together.

With that and other rumors from unascertained sources, other magazines thrashed out to confirm that these were just rumors. Magazines like Gossipcop, Celeblaundary, Aceshowbiz reached out to their sources for the family to make sure that what OK! was claiming was true or not. As far as the rumors go, all of these were confirmed to be 100% false.

According to sources close to Kylie, she is not pregnant, there is no wedding being planned and Kris Jenner is not planning a pregnancy spin off show for Kylie. With such a retaliation in the media sources, Kylie and the Jenners and the Kardashians are yet to confirm or discard the rumors personally. Till then the fans are left to wonder if Kylie really is pregnant with Tyga’s baby or not?

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