Lady Gaga takes the Dip with Shirtless Kinney (Video)

Lady Gaga takes the Dip with Shirtless Kinney at Polar Plunge Event

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Pop star and cultural chameleon, Lady Gaga, took the ice dip with her fiance, Taylor Kinney, at the Polar Plunge event.

A charity event got held in Chicago recently and guess who was the guest of honor? Who else but the tall, dark and handsome Vince Vaughn. But there were others present and they included Lady Gaga and her fiance Taylor Kinney.

Before the Polar Plunge…

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Gaga and Kinney are going to be man and wife pretty soon but they have decided to experiment with ice cold water before their marriage shock. The event was the Polar Plunge and it involved jumping directly without any shirt (for the men) into Lake Michigan which is in a semi-frozen state nowadays.

Lady Gaga’s fiance is an actor on the program Chicago Fire. As for the event, it raises awareness and funds for a cause. And that is the Special Olympics. The temperature was sub-zero in Chicago.

Many people turned up at the venue and they cheered on the stars such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney and Vince Vaughn as they took the plunge. There were screams and shouts  and squeals of excitement and nervousness as the teeth-clicking cold water accommodated the semi-naked bodies of the men and women who jumped into it. 

During the #ChicagoPolarPlunge

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Lady Gaga was standing in full view of the crowd in the beginning. And then the announcer declared that Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kinney were about to go for the dip of their life. That is when Lady Gaga went gaga and jumped in piggyback manner on her fiance’s back and he raced forward into the lake’s extremely cold waters which had lumps of ice in them.

She was laughing and trembling from the “ice ice baby” experience. Lady Gaga had on her blonde wig and she later on remarked that the ice particles had penetrated her wig and so she was lent a cap which she wore after the dip was over.

Vince of course is a very seasoned actor who has appeared in many movies and is a regular feature on the Hollywood circuit. Yet Lady Gaga’s fiance, Taylor Kinney too is a remarkable actor.

As for Lady Gaga, she is the mistress of creativity and a pop star that is currently giving a veteran such as Madonna a run for her money. Lady Gaga has proven once and for all that she is not just into churning out frivolous songs but also wants to do something for the Special Olympics as is evident from her participation in the event. 

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