Lana Del Ray’s Rape Video Leaked; Marilyn Manson is Not Involved

Lana Del Ray’s Rape Video Leaked; Marilyn Manson is Not Involved

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Marilyn Manson has denied any involvement in the Lana Del Ray’s leaked rape video.

Lana Del Ray, 29, is under the limelight again. Previously Eminem had expressed his desire to punch her in the face twice in his song. Now Lana Del Ray is seen in a rape video which was recently released. In the video we can see the singer being pushed on a bed by a man and then sexually assaulted. The man than leaves her on the bed, crying. 

The leaked video, Sturmgruppe 2013 Reel was removed from YouTube after Essential Music claimed a copyright to the video. Essential Music is known to be linked with Marilyn Mansion’s label, Cooking Vinyl. The video also contains some footage from two of Mansion’s previous videos.

However the main part of the movie was original, with a birthday party theme but with an eerie atmosphere, balloons are seen with the word rape written on them. Then it finally rests on a sexual assault of a woman which is Del Ray. The video gives the look of a horror movie though. 

This is the reason that people are linking Marilyn Manson with the video as they think Manson is got something to do with the video. Manson’s spokeswoman, Kathryn Frazier stated that Manson has no link with the video and he certainly did not direct this.

She also added that this video is absolutely not going to be used by Manson in any of his music videos. She explained a possible scenario for the clips of Manson’s video’s present in the footage. She stated that it could be done by a fan. 

Watch Sturmgruppe 2013 Reel video below.

Roth has also been linked with Sturmgruppe 2013 Reel as it is he who appears to be the man who rapes Lana Del Ray in the video. Roth has directed movies such as Hostel and so is credited as the main voice of explicit and violent horror genre, which is known as ‘torture porn’.

In an interview with Larry King in 2013, Roth had revealed that he had done a video with Lana Del Ray and Marilyn Manson. He also stated that the video was very offensive and sick and that is why it had been kept safe. 

Up till now neither Del Ray nor Roth have commented on the Sturmgruppe footage and they have neither denied or confirmed whether it is them in the footage or not. Roth also commented that the sexual abuse of women is so horrific, well that is something shocking to hear from Roth, who loves to direct such things. Moreover Manson is all set to release his new album The Pale Emperor on 19th January. He is also set to perform at the Download Festival in June.

Well it seems that Lana Del Ray is going to be in the limelight for some time as Hollywood likes to discuss such things! Take Kim Kardashian for an example. We wish you to stay strong through this time Lana, don’t worry you will get over it, probably!

Sources: Billboard , Guardian


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